Living Every Moment with Purpose

So many negative things are happening in our world. Lots of things within my own country and even more throughout the world. You know when you’ve just had enough of something? Today is the day for me, I guess. I’ve just had enough.

I’m definitely not the most knowledgeable but I try to keep up with what’s happening in world news and current events. There’s always something bad happening that makes me look at the world and just go, “WTF?!” Yesterday it’s one thing, today it’s another, tomorrow it’ll be something else. Tragedy after tragedy, and the weird thing is it still breaks my heart. You’d think I’d get desensitized but no.

I just wanted to write today to remind myself of something – there will always be negativity, sadness, and evil in this world so just focus on trying to spread light. Even just a little. No matter how small or insignificant I may be, I want to focus on making people’s days better.

People walk in to my place of business 6 days a week. I interact with hundreds of people every week, maybe more. This week, for some reason, I wanted to focus on the few people that didn’t like me. They had the power to bring me down. But today I finally said no. I’ve decided that I’m going to learn from negativity and try not to linger on it. I’m going to keep choosing kindness, keep working hard, and keep focusing on the people that see value in me.

So if you’re still reading I just want you to help me hold myself accountable. I want to live every moment with purpose. Even if it’s just a small dent, I want to help make people lives better and brighter. I want my businesses and my career to have a positive impact. I want to remember I’m an entrepreneur because of those 2 words – positive. impact.

I didn’t become an entrepreneur for praise, to impress people, or to be popular. I’m an entrepreneur because I knew that there are people out there that want, need, and appreciate what I have to offer.

I should focus on them.


Journey to Wholesale – Las Vegas Market Planning 1

A long time dream is coming true for me guys. For over 5 years I’ve been wanting to take my stationery business – CO Creative Cartel to the wholesale market. This year is the year!

I’ve put my deposit down on a booth at the Las Vegas Market this summer. Let the planning begin!

First thing is first, I’m working on getting all my product offerings down so that I can start working on the next big beast – the catalogDun dun dun!

I’ve done a bit of soul searching with this business last year and since then  I’ve decided on my niche market. That being said I really want to create products that point back to my brand mission which is to create stationery for entrepreneurs. More on this later.

That being said there’s a lot to do now that I have a clearer vision for my company. I’ve been doing a lot of research with the product ideas I have. I’m in the process of ordering samples from different companies to make sure I have a good balance of the right quality and price point. This is extremely important if you want to sell products. Not only do you want to make sure you cover the cost of the product but also your time, your expenses, your packaging, shipping costs…you have to factor all that in when you’re thinking about setting your price. Don’t undercut yourself and don’t undercut your industry.

Ok guys, keep me accountable. 

  1. Finalize product line
  2. Start designing the catalog

Las Vegas Market, here we come!




Taking Criticism

Guys, let’s talk about one of the hardest things for me as an entrepreneur. Actually not just an entrepreneur, as a person. I have really “thin skin” as they call it.

We live in an age where people share everything. Technology and social media has created a culture of opinion sharing and real time communication. Naturally, as an entrepreneur many of my businesses have social media pages since it is a great marketing tool. But being an older millennial I have seen what technology and social media has done to our society. It has changed the way we receive information, the way we interact with each other, and the way we share information.



Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to say that social media is evil or anything. Social media and technology has been a really important tool in the growth of all my businesses. I’m not here to complain about the negative comments I or my businesses get. But I know, hiding behind a screen gives people more courage. Trolls are out there that just want to be negative and put others down.

But I also know that I’m human – I mess up. A lot. Heck, most of the time I don’t even know what I’m’ doing. I’m by no means perfect. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I know that who I am and what I’m about isn’t for everyone. I’m not going to make everyone happy and I knew that going in to it. I respect that. 

But sometimes, it just hurts. It just hurts when you know you’re trying your hardest and you make someone so upset that they have something bad to say about you or your choices. I hurts when you know you let someone down. Sometimes it makes me think twice about what I’m doing, if it’s even worth all the negativity, and if I even want to continue doing this at all. That crosses my mind all the time.

I guess I’m just writing this today because there’s been a lot of negativity going around. Not just with me but with others too and it just sucks. Like I said, not everyone gets me and I’m not perfect. I’ve been on the other side of the spectrum too as a customer/client, and maybe it’s because I’m in the service industry but I try to be a little more compassionate and understanding. I try to understand why things are the way they are. I try to show people a bit of grace. Even if I don’t like or agree with something.

That’s all. It’s just one of those seasons I guess. The thin skin will never go away. I don’t think I’ll ever grow a thick skin. People with a thick skin, man, I look up to you. I wish I could be more like you guys. I’m sensitive and I care about people. I aim to please I suppose lol! That’s who I am and I’m learning to accept it. All I can do is just keep trying and do my best every time. What else can I do right?