Collaboration with 1800Registry

We’re beyond excited to announce that CO will be working with 1800Registry! We’re hoping to get everything up and running by July, can’t wait to share our page from their site soon! Thank you to the team at 1800Registry for your guidance and help, can’t wait!

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It Can Wait Until Tomorrow – I Need to Learn to Take my Time

It can wait until tomorrow. Boy, that’s a hard statement for me to swallow. Ever since I started my first business in 2005, the concept of taking my time did not exist. If I had an idea in my head, it needed to be churned out that same day or the next. No time to think it through, not an option to do it later — I had to do it now. And I wanted it to be perfect. Ha! Perfect…that’s a funny word.

Much has changed in since the wee ol’ days of 2005. Though I still move at a very quick pace, I’ve slowed down quite a bit. I’ve learned so much about letting go. I don’t have a hissy fit if I don’t finish everything on my to-do list. I can actually shop online because I don’t need to have the clothes the moment I pay for it. I can stop what I’m doing mid-project to take a short break if I’m getting drained. And trust me, these things are not easy for me to do.

The best thing about it is the outcome. It gives me more peace of mind, I can think more rationally vs. in-the-moment. Giving myself time to brainstorm also gives me a better outcome. When things are planned and organized well the end product is always the best it can be. I no longer strive for perfection, I strive for the very best that I’m capable of. So really, it can wait til tomorrow. The world won’t end if I don’t finish my to-do list, right?

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Get it Done and Do it Well

Believe me, I don’t mean to curse at you. I’ve actually preferred to say “Just do it” but this statement is taken. I’ve been yelling this statement at myself for the past month and it’s been working for me. (In my mind, not randomly out loud. I’m not a crazy lady, trust me!haha!) Soooo…I thought I’d share. 😉

I know it’s tiring, I know you need your rest, I know you’d rather be laying out on a beach somewhere, I know I know I know. That time will come sooner or later. The bottom line is, get your work done! Get it done and do it well. Don’t just give me the bear minimum, give it all you got!

The thing that used to hold me back: intimidation. No one else inflicted that on me but me. I felt like I didn’t know enough, I didn’t have enough experience, I was too “green.” I shouldn’t be intimidated, I should hold my head up with pride about what I’ve accomplished. And though I may not be the most knowledgeable book in the bookcase, I’ve learned a thing or two about business and my industry.

So how did I get past my intimidation? To be honest, it’s a fighting battle every single day. But to help me get through it I remind myself many things.

1. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. What’s important is what you are doing.
2. Continue to better your business and personal life instead of wishing for others’ successes.
3.  Look at blogs and magazines for inspiration, not for reasons to doubt yourself.
4. There is always something new to learn, it’s never over.
5. Do the damn thang!

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