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I’ve watched as God’s will has unfolded itself in my life. There have been good and bad moments, but they have all led me here. Through faith, life lessons, and discipline I’ve learned to finally be content and happy with the life that God has given me. No, life isn’t perfect. No, He didn’t fix my financial issues that way I wanted Him to. No, He didn’t give me everything I want. But now I realize, He gave me everything I need.

“The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.” Job 1: 21

 I never thought that needing to know why I am an entrepreneur mattered. I just thought that this just happened to be how I make money. But I was wrong, I learned that it’s way more than that. My personal life and my professional life have intertwined in the most beautiful way. In my latest video, I gave myself an opportunity to share a little bit of my story and through the making of it I realized a lot of things about myself.

My mom started a lot of great things, thriving businesses, held together a wonderful family, among other things. During her time battling cancer she wanted to give back to City of Hope where she was being treated. She was only able to raise $325.00 before she passed away so I am hoping to raise the remaining amount in her honor.

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32 Years Later

To be honest, after my 30th birthday one just stops counting lol!

More of what happens when you’ve made it around the sun 1 more time is you start to look back. And when I look back, I personally ask questions.

Am I living a life I can be proud of?

Am I making a difference (no matter how small or insignificant)?

What are my goals for this year?

How can I be better?

Do I have any regrets?

You know, those life questions.

I think slowly but surely I am. Sure I’ve got my issues, who doesn’t? But when it all comes down to it, if I could do it all over again would I change anything?

If you asked me in my 20s, I would definitely say yes. Yes, I would change a lot of things. You see, I’m extremely insecure. Especially in my 20s. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t do enough, I didn’t have enough. And when people would ask if I had any regrets I would say “yes” without hesitation.

As I’m writing this, now 32 years old, I look back and ask, “Would I change anything?” I like to think another year older, a little bit wiser. I’m starting to love me for who I am at this very moment, I appreciate all the life lessons that God has thrown my way, and I realized that as cliche as it sounds everything does really happen for a reason. We may never know why or really be able to fully accept those things, but one thing is for sure – it will make you wiser if you let it.

I’m grateful that as life events, good and bad, have come my way I have been able to learn from it. It has shaped and molded me into the woman I am today. 

So would I do it over again? Yes, heck yes. Would I change anything? No, absolutely not. I can finally say with confidence that  I am extremely grateful for the life I have led. I hope to say that I will continue to live a life with no regrets and with grace and dignity.

This is me, 32 years later. My life is messy. I don’t get dressed up. I don’t even take time in the mornings to get ready. I don’t really buy expensive things. I believe in making sacrifices and smart investments. I’d pick going to lunch and having great conversations over going to the movies. I love trying new places and seeing new things. I don’t like scary movies. I like TV shows. I prioritize my life around 3 main things – faith, love, and business. I have a business mind with a loving heart.  I’m more about quality over quantity. I’m me and I’m finally starting to love that.

Sometimes I look and cringe at this photo, but you know what, this is me. This is what I look like practically every day. Short hair pulled up, just eyeliner, and in work out clothes.  😝

So cheers everyone! May we all live a life we can be proud of today and every day!



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Soon They Won’t Know Who She Is

My mom was one of the people that started Ninong’s in 2008. Even after my mom stopped working there she would visit often and have breakfast or lunch with my dad there. Almost once a week. Case in point is, my team knew my mom and they loved her.

There’s my mom in the very back middle with the super white, short hair and striped sweater – with the team at Ninong’s Christmas Party 2014

This was important to me.

My mom is a huge part of what endearingly call “The Shop.” She was 1 of the 4 people that started the business, she put in countless hours, and worked really hard to make it successful.

But not only that, she’s a huge part of who I am. She played a big role in my growth as a business woman. Heck, she’s my mom!

Since Ninong’s has had continued growth, I’ve had to hire more and more employees and also replace the employees we’ve had that have moved on to their careers. Slowly but steadily. A couple months ago it dawned on me that the generation of employees that I’m starting to train never got to meet my mom, which makes me kinda sad.

My team will never get to meet an amazing, loving, and gracious woman. Sometimes too nice for her own good. They would never get to witness her contagious and ever popular smile. That means, they’ll only have to hear from my stories about how great she was, what she did for our business, and how big of an influence she had on our success.

I’m going to have to carry on her can-do entrepreneurial spirit. I’m going to have to keep smiling even in times of trouble. I’m going to be the person that people can turn to so that her legacy of love and kindness carries on.

Look at that smile

Miss you, Mom. Every day. I never want people to forget you because you touched so many of our lives in a big way.



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