The Importance of a Routine

I always thought of myself as a flexible person. Maybe because I’m so used to a new “adventure” every day. Working as an entrepreneur has given me the freedom to kind of dictate what my day looks like. Every day could be different or the same from the last. Ultimately it’s up to me, I mean, that’s kind of the beauty of entrepreneurship right? Making my own schedule?

Photo by: Sarah Pflug

Well, despite how fun the ambiguity of entrepreneurship may be I realized that having a routine is so important for me. A routine gives me the boundaries I need to stay productive. Knowing that I have a certain amount of time to accomplish something gives me more incentive to do it. Currently most of my work days look like this.

  • 6 am – Wake up and get ready
  • 7 am – Leave for work
  • 7:15 am – Prep for the day/Daily devotional
  • 8 am – Open restaurant
  • 12 pm – Work in office
  • 4 pm – Eat
  • 6:30 pm – Leave for home
  • 7 pm – Eat
  • 9 pm – Get ready for bed

The more I can stick to this schedule the more normal and together I feel. The farther I stray from it the more stressed and overwhelmed I tend to be.

If you haven’t put a routine together for yourself yet I highly recommend you try it. You definitely don’t need to follow my routine, but being realistic about what you can accomplish and how easy it is to stick to your schedule is really important. Being too strict or trying to cram too much in will keep you from staying dedicated to your time tables.

What do you include in your daily routine? Would love to see what your days look like!


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Entrepreneurship Doesn’t Define Me

Yes, I’m an entrepreneur.
Yes, it’s something I’m passionate about.
Yes, it’s all I think about some times.
Yes, I’m proud to be a business woman.

But no, entrepreneurship doesn’t define me.

I’m so much more than that.

I’m a wife who loves her husband. I love watching him work, and that he’s so passionate about cooking. I love how I can help him and provide him with a place that we can both work toward something we are so passionate about. I love how he takes care of me and my little family. I love how he makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. I love him for who he was when I met him, the man he is today, and who he will become.

I’m a Christian woman who serves an awesome God. I’ve been through a lot during my time so far on this Earth. Lord knows what He has planned for me in the future. But through all the things that I’ve done, experienced, endured, failed, and succeeded in – it has been with God’s grace. No, I was not walking with Him the whole time. I didn’t always do what was right. But He didn’t give up on me. And no, life isn’t easier. In fact, it might even be harder sometimes but because of His grace I’ve been able to get as far as I’ve come. He’s opened doors that I would never dream of, and He’s closed doors that needed to be closed. All I want to do is to live my life in such a way that aligns with His plan for me.

I’m a daughter and friend. I’m a binge watching, cries-over-everything, overly sensitive, positive thinking, sweats-the-small-stuff, food loving, always smiling girl that will always be there if you need someone to talk to. That’s just me.

Yeah, I’m an entrepreneur too. Admittedly, it’s a big part of my life. I’m pretty sure that’s obvious. But it doesn’t define me. There’s so much more to me than  that.



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Mother’s Day 2018 – Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Every time a day goes by that has significant meaning to the both of us I can’t help but get a little emotional. The days leading up to it are pretty hard to not think about you more than usual.

Your birthday.
The day you passed.
Mother’s Day.

Whenever these days come around I can’t help but reminisce. What I remember most are the Mother’s Days from when I was really young. The year the family attended a Mother’s Day brunch at one of those fancy restaurants and had to dress all fancy, all the years we had family parties and potlucks where we would just sit around, eat, and talk all day, and all those gifts I got you while growing up. You saved everything. I found all the letters, the drawings, the craft projects while I was cleaning out your things. ❤️ I actually saved some of the ones I couldn’t part with.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy! I know it’s a little early but I’ll be working on Sunday and don’t want to forget how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking at this moment. I think that with each holiday that passes it doesn’t really get easier, but I get a little better at dealing with it. I miss you more and more with each passing day. I always think about buying you a candle as a gift since I know that was what you always looked forward to getting from me. You and candles lol. Now I’m obsessed too!

Wow, I’m really turning into my mother. I guess that’s not really a bad thing. You were a beautiful person.

Love you,

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