We Love Dance Proposals!

We love proposals, especially dance proposals! But this flash mob dance proposal is extra special in our hearts. Our friends from college, Charles and Val, got engaged on 11/14/11. Charles had this planned for a long time, and this engagement is a long time coming!

Congrats Charles and Val, Charlie and I couldn’t be happier for you both. Enjoy your engagement and savor this wonderful time in your life! And as Charlie would say, “Welcome to the future married couple club!”

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Garmin’s Clever Tag Line


Garmin’s radio tag line, “Follow the leader!” is pretty

clever isn’t it? Three words that communicate a bold statement. It’s playful, it maintains the company’s brand image, and it’s easy to remember; all the elements for clear and effective marketing.

Kudos to the Garmin marketing team!

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1 Year Since My MTH2010 Experience

Side note: Please excuse the still, I look like an idiot lol!

It’s something I fight with every day. Wishing I was someone else, being envious of others’ possessions, feeling like others worked harder and I don’t work hard enough, and not to mention the ever-popular feeling of letting everyone down. I told myself 1 year ago that I would need to put all that behind me, and I should always show the best of myself and continuing to grow in all aspects of my life. But bottom line, I need to be me AND be happy with who that is.

As I approach the 1 year anniversary of my life-changing MTH experience I look back and see that the transformation is happening. I compare myself to the person I was and am so proud of my progress, change, and accomplishments. Thanks to my husband, family, friends, and the grace of God I am continuing to push myself so that I can live a life of happiness, success, and contentment.

Do I still doubt myself? Of course.
Am I still scared? Without a doubt.
Do I think I’ll fail? I know I will.
But none of those things will hold me back because I made the conscious decision to change for the better.

Today, I sit here and can say that I’ve made baby steps to be better and that’s okay with me. I don’t need to make leaps and bounds of progress to be happy. Today, I’m just thankful to the Lord for being alive and doing work that I love to do.

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