An Fan Girl’s Thoughts on Apple’s WWDC Keynote 2017

I remember the special day. The day I got my first Apple computer. I graduated from high school and was on my way to FIDM to become a graphic designer. My dad pre-ordered a G5 work horse when they were first released and it came just in time for my first quarter. The rest is history.

The reason why I really like Apple is because of its simplicity. I used to be all about the frills. But when I started my first business in 2004 (my 2nd year in college) I realized what I wanted was a reliable, compact, and portable device that I could utilize to become successful. And for me, Apple did that in every way.

The G5 was so fast compared to what I was used to. Photoshop and Illustrator would load so much faster compared to my old HP PC. Yeah there weren’t as many games available (virtually none at the time) and I had to learn all the new “Apple speak” but it was definitely worth it when the theme was reliability.

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Then came the iPod. Charlie won one at a dance competition and after I saw what it could do I knew I wanted one for myself. It ended up being really useful. My first experiences with a larger capacity external hard drive. I was able to bring large Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkXpress files to and from school. Best thing ever.

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Then came the iPhone. I was like, “WHAT?” I want to see how well it works first. When my 2 year contract was up I snagged a 3GS and it revolutionized the way I did business. My business was at my fingertips – email, calendar, spreadsheets, everything. I had internet all the time, well, most of the time. I went from a Palm Treo (which I thought I loved), to the HTC 3525 (which I liked but crashed ALL.THE.TIME.), to the iPhone 3GS. OH. MAH. WURD. Everything this little entrepreneur wanted – and more! Oh the days of camping outside the AT&T store overnight to get an iPhone when they release. Haha!

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Fast forward to yesterday’s keynote. I made myself a margarita and sat in front of my TV to take it all in. To be honest with you, these keynotes aren’t as exciting to me as they used to be. I guess it just used to be so exciting when new product came out because I was witnessing technology advance. But now, it’s kind of expected. Nonetheless, they’re still exciting!

My big takeaways from the super long presentation:

  1. iPad Pro 😱 I want but just got one. So moving on.
  2. IOS 11. Really excited about this for my personal devices. Terrified of the bugs for my business. Main things I’m excited for: Files, drag and drop capabilities, annotations, new Control Center, and (most of all) Apple Pay in iMessage.
  3.  IMac Pro 😱 That matte black doe! I definitely don’t need a machine that powerful but it’s beautiful. And a girl can dream right?!
  4. Watch OS 4. I’m just so amazed at what this little thing can do and the tools that are now available for us to use to better our health. I’m excited for everything about the new update – more watch faces (not really excited about the kaleidoscope though), activity goals centered around the user, more workouts in the Workout app, a better music experience (Spotify get on this shizz, where you at?!), more intuitive virtual assistant…man! I’m excited.

As a fan girl, I still look forward to these Apple Events. But I have to admit I want to do more to use Apple’s features. I don’t utilize them as much as I’d like. Am I as excited as I used to be? No, I definitely used to geek out way more in the past. But will I stray away from Apple? No, not any time soon.


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My App Faves of the Month

With this new year and all the change that’s happening, I’ve really been relying on technology to help keep me organized. I’ve decided to share some of my top 4 multi-tasking helpers that keep me from pulling my hair out from all the overwhelming stress!

Apple’s Calendar App

Apple’s Calendar App. The best part? Syncing with my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. No matter what device, my schedule is at a glance.

Mailbox App

Mailbox App. It helps me keep my inbox organized. I have so many incoming emails throughout the day and it’s so hard to keep up! But this helps me get that inbox to zero while making sure I get back to those important emails in a timely fashion.

Etsy App

The Etsy App. I love that I can manage my Etsy store on the go. It notifies me as soon as I get an order with a nice little cha-ching! 

Trello App

Trello. Looking for an easy way to organize projects, events, orders…you name it!? Trello has been such a great app for me. I’ve used it to plan events, to manage orders, and collaborate with colleagues! Not only that, but it’s free! You can also get Trello Gold and Trello for Business at a very affordable price.

The bottom line though, these apps are no good unless you really use them. Just like anything else, you can’t rely on these things to do the work for you. Are you going to take time and put in your appointments in your calendar? Siri can’t remind you about them unless they’re in there. Are you going to manage your projects so you don’t forget to ship out that order? It’s all up to you.

Happy organizing!

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iPhone 5S and 5C

The long awaited next generation iPhone 5 is coming this month.

The keynote yesterday was all over the news, Internet, and social media. I waited for the video to post instead of listening on the news just because I wanted to see it for myself. The highlights for me:

  • The announcement of the iPhone 5C. The more affordable price point is really appealing. Not only that, but the plastic cover with different color choices is going to be a good reason why people will go with the cheaper option. You definitely don’t compromise quality because of the price on this one.
  • The announcement of the iPhone 5S. Huge hardware upgrade, M7, better battery life, better iSight camera capability, need I say more? I want the gold 🙂

Naturally, the cases for these devices will be available in the next week so stay tuned! 🙂

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