Ray’s Hope Lives On – Triccie’s Custom iPhone 5 Cases

Ray was our very first customer for our iPhone cases. You can read more about his case design here. I never thought that we would be designing cases to remember him by. Sigh…it’s bittersweet to be honest. We miss him so much, but I really liked how these cases turned out for his cousin Triccie and his sister Bing.

They have new iPhone 5’s! Lucky ladies! I’m not due for an upgrade until January 😉 They were our first iPhone 5 case order and the cases for these devices look spectacular! Nice and slim with great protection.

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John’s Custom iPhone Case

John wanted something completely custom for his case. Adoringly called “JiggaJohn” or as I like to call him “Jiggz,” we knew we had to design something spectacular to match his creative, kind, and outgoing personality but also show of his sense of style. So we came up with the design below. I love the contrast of the bright orange and yellow hues against the bold black! Topped with great design, he decided to go with our Durable Case for added protection and good form. The Durable Case is one of our best sellers!

Side View of John’s Custom Durable Case
John’s Custom Durable Case
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Our His and Hers iPhone Cases

Of course, Charlie and I wanted EPIC cases for ourselves. Yes, EPIC – in all caps and everything. 🙂

It took us a few months to actually create something that we wanted to sport in public. Cuz you know, having something glued to the side of our face needs to look goooooooood. Something unique, different, and represents us. We were trying to decide if we were going to create something custom or get one of our designs from our store. But we just had to create something custom. We’re a very custom and personalized type couple after all.

So Charlie and I came up with these and couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.

Charlie’s Half of the His and Her Case
Kissa’s Half of the His and Her Case
Side View
Charlie and Kissa’s His and Hers Durable iPhone Cases
Charlie and Kissa’s His and Hers Durable iPhone Cases

Does that obnoxiously loud monogram look familiar? Yup, that’s our wedding monogram. 🙂

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