Low Carb Diet in Full Effect

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about anything really personal. 10% because “I don’t have time” and 90% because of fear. I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but I have a fear of vulnerability. I’m scared of the negative, anxiety, and all things awkward. And for some time now, I’ve been trying to break from that.

A month ago I started calorie counting again. And while I’ve been making progress I haven’t met the goals and expectations I set for myself. So last week, I told myself that I was going to take it another step further. So I decided to start a low-carb diet and it’s really made a huge improvement.

For the past month or so I’ve been wearing my Fitbit Flex to track my calorie burn, steps, and sleeping patterns.



Thanks to this baby and the MyFitnessPal App I’ve been able to visually see what kind of food I put in my body and the progress I’m making. It’s helped me to see when I’ve exceeded my goal and when I’ve come up short.

So when I saw what my carb intake was I was so surprised! I was one of those people that thought pasta, rice, and bread was the only thing with a high carb content. So I’ve decided that though I’m not going to let go of carbs all together (cuz that would be stupid, I still need a balanced meal) I’m going to cut down to a more healthy portion. This has helped me tremendously!

Since I bought my Fitbit, I’ve lost 7 pounds. I’m still far from my goal, but I’m getting there. Little by little, the healthy way. 🙂

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