#COfitnessjournal 5 Week Challenge

Hello! I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve posted on my blog. So many things have been going on (in real life and in my mind lol) I have so much to share with you!

We just got back from our first trip to New York and it was SO much fun! We walked NSS, which was a huge bucket list item for me. I’ve been wanting to go for 6 years now and we finally went! But more on that later πŸ™‚

We’ve been back for a week and a half now and I wanted to start something fun before summer is officially here. So I decided to give myself a 5 week weight loss challenge.

If you’re interested in joining me leave me a comment below and head to our shop websiteΒ to purchase your journal pages now! Use promo code LETSDOTHIS to get 15% off your order until 6/7/16.



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Fitness Journal Details: Daily Pages

I can’t believe these journal sheets are going to go on sale tomorrow! I’m scared and excited at the same time. It’s always a scary thing to put yourself out there and not know what kind of feedback you’ll get. My hope is that each of these pages may help someone. Whether it’s to finally make a decision to start their fitness regime, to start again, or to start a brand new plan…I just hope that it will help someone out there achieve their goals to better themselves. I wanted to take a moment to go into detail of the design of the journal pages. I thought really hard about the way my workouts, dieting, schedule, and life works. I wanted to make these pages functional, meaningful, and well designed.

The core of the journal pages are in the daily pages. I believe each day is a chance to start fresh, have a clean slate. It doesn’t have to be the 1st of the month, it doesn’t have to be Monday. Each day is a chance to be better and that all begins with your goals. Daily goals should be small, actionable steps toward a bigger goal. Bigger goals like your weekly and monthly goals. I’ve created an area in each daily page for you to set 3 goals (4 including drinking your daily allowance of water). Each goal has a box next to it so you can reward yourself with a check when you’ve completed your goal. I don’t know about you, but whenever I check a box completed I feel so accomplished! πŸ™‚ You’ll see next to your goals is Today’s Victories. It’s a chance to reflect on the day and focus on what you did right instead of what you did wrong. The last thing we need on this fitness journey is negativity, and a lot of times that comes from our own hearts and minds. So let’s stay positive and celebrate every victory no matter how large or small!


Just below the goal section is your food and workout log. It’s a place where you can log your food, input nutrition facts, write down your workout, log your steps..practically anything you want. I use it to log my food and the carb intake of each meal (since I’m on a low carb diet) as well as my work outs. Next to it is your meal prep for the next day. This area helps me stay on track and make sure I have something to eat tomorrow. The more prepared I am, the less likely I’ll fall off track! If I don’t have food in the fridge ready to eat the next day I’ll end up at a drive-thru somewhere lol.

Finally, at the very bottom is an area for thoughts, inspiration, quotes, and notes. It’s a great area to just jot down what you’re thinking or give you a friendly reminder to stay focused. Most of the page is unlined so you can structure each section as you need. You can illustrate, write, and use the area in any creative way you choose!


These daily pages mean so much to me. This is where the action and the work happens. This is my chronicled proof that I am taking each day and working toward a better me. I’m not perfect, I might skip days, but these pages help me remember to keep trying and that each day is a new day. A fresh start. πŸ™‚




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New Fitness Journals Coming to the Shop on Friday!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to find a way to stay on track with fitness, eating the right food, and making progress toward your goals. I’ve searched for a good fitness journal where I can track food and workouts, but I’m picky. I can’t just go into a store and pick any calendar, journal, or date book. I’ve got certain criteria that need to be met.

  • Good design
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to customize
  • Look cute
  • Helps structure my day/direction
  • Look cute
  • Ink doesn’t bleed onto the back of the page
  • And did I mention…look cute?

I searched and searched for one that fit all my criteria and no dice. So I just decided, why don’t I create one?! A fitness journal that everyone can use no matter what their fitness goals may be. I believe that anyone can use it. My friend and I have been using the journal for the past month, and with a few minor updates I think I’ve got the layout and design that works. I’m planning to post some more detail as time goes along, as well as how I’m using the journal to achieve my fitness goals. But in the mean time here’s some information about the design and why I set the journal up the way I did.

I decided to create the journal in a perpetual calendar style. This means we didn’t date each page so that you can start and stop using it whenever you’d like. I found this helpful for me because there are times where I’d forget to write down what I ate in my journal (especially on days I don’t work out). What I do when that happens (not that I’m condoning that type of behavior :P) is I could take those pages and move them so that they could still be used. I used to be so discouraged where days would go by and pages in my planner go to waste. Being that this is for fitness, the last thing I would want is for people to feel discouraged because they didn’t log their food for some time. I’d want people to feel like they can start fresh with no issues!

The layouts you see in the images below are of our weekly and daily page layouts. When the sheets go on sale this coming Friday we’ll be selling the sheets in 90-day and 180-day increments. The journal pages are 8.5″ x 5.5″ in size and fit perfectly in many mini-binders (aka junior binders) that they sell at Target, Office Max, etc. My good friend bought me the adorable binder in the photo from Target!

There are 1st of the month pages where you can evaluate last month vs. this month, what your goals for the month are, where you can input your measurements and weight, etc. There are also 1st day of the week pages that help you break down your monthly goals into the week, help you set up a meal plan, and has a big space for your grocery list. CO-fitjournal2

The daily pages are set up so that you can list out daily goals, celebrate little victories, log your meals and meal prep for the next day!


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