Sydney Eats – My Favorite Places

I think it’s obvious, but Charlie and I are total foodies. Hence, our Good Bad Foodie venture. When we travel the way we want to experience a foreign place is through their food. We want to eat where the locals eat, we want to experience the places that the locals enjoy!

Ready for food adventures!

When we were in Sydney one thing we noticed is the food scene is very international, which we like! It reminded me a lot of the food scene in LA – lots of variety. Though the closest thing to “authentic Australian” we had was at Fortune of War, Sydney’s Oldest Pub. We loved the character of the pub and the variety of bar food they had. I had a couple Bilpin Ciders and shared some appetizers with Charlie.

The sign lured us in lol 🙂
Bilpin Cider – not to sweet!

Charlie and I love to stay in Airbnb’s  mainly because we love to cook while we’re traveling. Like I said, “Live like a local.” Aside from our epic food crawls and food excursions we like the idea of trying our hand at cooking in other places. Over at Paddy’s Market you can buy fruit, vegetables, as well as meat and seafood. It was a foodie’s dream!

Just one of the many produce stalls inside Paddy’s Market

One of the first places we went to eat in Sydney was at Din Tai Fung. I know this isn’t that unique, I mean come on, we have multiple in LA. The obsession in Sydney is far less than here in LA. No wait so we jumped at the chance. Silver lining is I can at least fulfill my craving here at home if I’m feening for some of those pork and crab soup dumplings!

Silken Tofu and Pork Strings with Century Egg from Din Tai Fung
Pork and Crab Dumplings from Din Tai Fung

Our go-to spot the entire time we were there were all these quick take out sushi stops. If you know me, you know I love me some sushi! Our favorite one was Sushi Hub near Central Station.

Photo Credit: Architect Magazine

My absolute fave food stop in Sydney came as a recommendation from our Airbnb host

Spice Alley in the Chippendale area of Sydney

You’ve got to check this place out if you are ever in Sydney! It’s this small little corridor that has different food stalls inspired by different countries in Asia. I wanted to try something from every stall but there were too many stalls and too little time!

Karaage Chicken Udon
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My Top Vegas Eats On and Off the Strip

Hello from Las Vegas!

I know what you’re probably thinking, what the hell are you doing blogging in Vegas? Why aren’t you out partying? Well, the partying days are over lol. I’m more about eating all the great food, sipping cocktails, and playing a game or 2. Truth is, I’m not so keen on the “typical” Vegas experience. I’m more about just relaxing here and wearing comfortable clothes haha! I didn’t even bring heels this trip.

We’re here for 2 specific reasons: 1. I have family here and wanted to spend some time with them for Christmas. 2. I got offered a free room. As you guys know, for me the best way to experience a city is through food and we have every intention of doing so this trip. We’ve been here tons of times so I’ve kind of created my own list of places that were memorable for me on and off the strip. We’re going to hit some of the places on the list below, but also going to hit some new ones.

One thing I love about Vegas – there are a lot more choices for late night eats here than home! It makes sense since we all know that Vegas is a 24 hour city, but you can find almost any food open at 1 am. Korean food, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Wings…the list goes on. In our area of LA all you’ve got is fast food, maybe Mexican food, and Thai food. Anyway, without further ado, here are my recommendations for places to eat in Las Vegas (on and off the strip).

On the strip:

  1. Buffet – Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace. This is my favorite buffet. By far. We’re not to this buffet this time because we’re going to the buffet at the M hotel this trip I just have to say how much I like this buffet. The hype is real for me. I LOVE seafood and this buffet has it all. If you’re a seafood lover like me, go here.
  2. Prime Rib – Planet Dailies. We had this at our last trip. And OMG, this is the best value on the strip. THE BEST DEAL. $10 and you get prime rib with you choice of potatoes and steamed vegetables.  You have to go from late lunch/early dinner and it’s while supplies last. But OMG, their prime rib was cooked to perfection.
  3. Cocktail – Uva Bianco cocktail at LAVO Restaurant, Venetian. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to LAVO. But their Uva Bianco cocktail on their drink menu is SO good! Memorable enough that I had to put it on this list.

Off the strip:

  1. Aloha Kitchen. It’s been a while since I’ve been here too, but this place is good for Filipino/Hawaiian food! Their Adobo Omelet put them on the map but everything I’ve gotten there is good.
  2. Buffet: Studio B Buffet at M Hotel. I’ve been here once maybe 5-6 years ago, and we’re planning on going again this trip. But I hear from everyone this is a great buffet to go to. I’ll review it when I post our recap.
  3. Fast Food: Sonics Drive In. Ok, I don’t love Sonics. But we don’t have it in the Valley. So whenever we come here I go.
  4. Oxtail Soup: Market Cafe at California Casino. This is THE place to go if you want some comfort soup. Cheap and delicious, that’s all I need to say.
  5. Container Park: Oaks and Ivy, The Perch. I haven’t been here yet, but I hope to. Truth be told we rarely ever leave the strip in Vegas which is why we haven’t been here yet. But I need to put it on my list. I think the concept of Container Parkis genius. And though I haven’t been there the 2 locations up top are the places I would visit. 🙂



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