Finish Off Strong Part 2 – It’s OK to Rest

I know I’ve been talking about all the goal setting and getting more done before 2017 is over. This might sound contradictory to what I’ve been discussing in my previous posts but don’t forget, it’s okay to rest!

Entrepreneur or not, we always put too much on our plate. Beginning of the year, middle, or end it’s always the case. We fill our schedules to the brim, pack our to do lists with a million tasks, and don’t have time to recharge or relax. Take it from me, this leads to major burn out and more often than not, a melt down!

For me, it’s all about boundaries. The more balanced my life and the more boundaries I set the more motivated I am to work when I “clock in.” Plus, I’m at maximum productivity since I’m well rested! Whenever Charlie and I went on vacation this past year it was so stressful before we left, *queue meltdown here* but while we were gone we were able to rest. Some of our best ideas happened while we were away. We were inspired while we were gone so we were so excited to come back to work and kick some work ass!

This year is a little different from the others. I usually wind down during the holidays (as most do during this time of year). But with all the big things we’re preparing for in the beginning of 2018 and all the traveling we did this year now is not the time to rest. I had plenty of that on all my trips. But if your season is different than mine, go rest! Don’t feel guilty about it – enjoy time with your friends, family, and loved ones. Enjoy time with yourself. That is, after all, why we do what we do.

Look at these cute pups relaxing in the sun! Emulate their vibes

I’m lightening up on the blog posts through the end of the year. I’ve got 1 more on Friday and then the blog is going to be quiet until after the New Year. I’ve decided that I’ve got my plate extremely full with Ninong’s through January so I decided to be real with myself and take a much-needed break from the blogs for now. But don’t worry, I’ll still be active on my Instagram and Twitter accounts in case you want to follow along as we prepare for our Grand Opening Party! I have every intention to start kicking some blogging butt in January after the dust settles (pun intended?) at Ninong’s new place.


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Goal Setting Series – Using Evernote and Todoist

Welcome to my 3rd and final post in my Goal Setting Series. I’m so glad that I was able to share this with you! It’s not only giving me an opportunity to put my thoughts somewhere but I’m really hoping that my thought process and workflow will help someone out there.

I was originally going to write a lengthy post about how I’m going to make a few tweaks on how I plan to use Evernote and Todoist, but I decided that instead I would doing a YouTube video about it. I think sometimes it’s just easier to walk through it and for you to visually see it than for me to take a bunch of screen shots and type it all out.

Get Evernote now:
Get Todoist now:

I really hope this is useful for you! I’m always trying to up my productivity game so if you have any tips for me please do share in the comments!


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Goal Setting Series – My Goals for 2018

2018 is right around the corner, I feel like time is flying by so quickly! Though I want to take advantage of every day and moment I have left this year, I’m really excited to start the new year.

Now that I’ve figured what I want for myself next year, it’s time to set some goals to accomplish. The objective is to cast a wide net in the beginning, then break the goals down into smaller steps. But before I get ahead of myself let’s talk about our goals for the year shall we? Be prepared, I always set out to accomplish a lot in 1 year. 😀

  • Ninongs
    • Have success at new location
    • Do more pop up events
    • Do more catering
    • Wholesale pastries and barako coffee
    • Improve offers and menu consistently
  • CO Creative Cartel
    • Rebrand and refocus
    • Create a regular blogging schedule
    • Create podcasts regularly
    • Create YouTube videos regularly
    • Create a product or service useful for my audience
    • Increase views on all platforms by 10%
  • Real Estate
    • Double amount of listings from last year
    • Increase overall business by 30%
    • Utilize social media to attract new business
    • Consistently keep in contact with my mom’s clients
    • Challenge myself to create conversations about real estate with more people
  • Good Bad Foodie
    • Create a consistent posting schedule
    • Plan more content in advance
    • Increase viewership by 30%
    • Create value on all social media platforms
  • Personal
    • Complete 3 home improvement projects
    • Travel at least 2x this year
    • Take my faith to the next level
    • Gain more self confidence
    • Cultivate more friendships

I set out goals to accomplish in each business I run as well as personal goals. Once I figure out what I want to accomplish in 12 months I break it down to monthly benchmark goals, weekly focuses, and daily tasks. Til the next planning session!


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