Good Friday

I honestly wasn’t sure what to write about Good Friday this year, but I knew that I was going to write something. I kept going back and forth with myself in my head. “Write anything, what’s so difficult about it?” 

If you don’t know, my husband Charlie and I are Christian. When we recommitted our lives to the Lord it changed everything for the better. Life didn’t get easier, in fact, it got harder. But I wouldn’t have been able to endure what I’ve gone through if it weren’t for my faith. And in my world, Easter is the most important day of the year. 

2 years ago I wrote a post about Good Friday, a piece I’m really proud of. When it came to write this post I kept thinking, “How can I top that post?” But honestly, I don’t think that’s what this post is going to be about.

This year, this day, I’m in a different place compared to when I wrote that post. I’m not going to put pressure on myself, instead I’m just going to let my fingers run free. Even if I’m not as prepared as I was 2 years ago to write something I hope it’s still powerful this time around. Honestly, at this time in my life I just want to remember something. I want to remember that sacrifice is humbling, truly humbling. The sacrifice that Jesus did for us on the cross forever changed the way I look at the world, and because of that I’m truly humbled and grateful.

Thank you, Lord, for what you did on the cross, where you have led me, what you are currently doing in my life, and the plans you have for me. No matter what may lie ahead, I am at peace knowing that you are at the wheel. Please help me to remember trust in your timing, to always lean on you and not on my own understanding, and to listen intently. Amen.

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Would you Die for Someone you Don’t Even Know?

Even the people that do you wrong? To be honest, I don’t think I would have the courage to die for a stranger or even for the good of mankind.┬áBut today, we remember that someone did. Can you imagine dying for someone that talked crap about you behind your back? Someone that isn’t even born yet? Even more, can you imaging dying for an alcoholic, a drug addict, a robber, a murderer? Can you? I can’t. But Jesus did.

He died for people that He would never meet on this Earth.
He died for people that did you wrong.
He died for the forgiveness of the sins hat we committed.
He died for all the sins that we will commit.
He died for us.


Every Good Friday for the past 3 years I can’t help but stop and think about what happened today over 2000 years ago. I used to take today for granted. I can’t help but think about how things could have been different if Jesus just defended Himself or found a way around dying. But that wasn’t God’s plan for His Son. Can we pause to think about that too for a moment?!

Today, Christ died for us so that he could rise again in 3 days. On Easter, we celebrate the reason why we all believe in Jesus Christ. In my opinion, it’s the most important day in a Christian’s life. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s only Friday. Today let’s remember the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus had to pay so that we can believe what we believe.



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