Being a Wife – What it’s Teaching Me

Charlie and I have been married for 15 months and together for almost 9 years. And in that time we’ve been together so much has changed. SO. MUCH. Our lives have grown and changed in ways that I never thought were even possible. There were times what I really did question where we were and the decisions I had made about my career, my faith, and relationships. But along the way I’ve learned so much about myself and I honestly believe that where we’ve been and the road we travel together today is exactly where the good Lord wants us to be.

Being a wife has changed my life. It has made me more secure with myself, it’s taught me that I am good enough the way I am, and has really helped me to evaluate what I want out of life instead of what I want right now. Being a wife has really taught me how to think about the future selfishly and selflessly all at the same time. It has helped me to look to The Lord and continue to push myself to be better while appreciating the journey along the way.

In some ways I think that’s what relationships are about. Of course it’s mostly about the obvious – the lives of 2 people together. But in a lot of ways it’s the push and pull of 2 separate individuals. You start to pick up each others likes and dislikes, your views on the world and beyond it, etc. You celebrate things you both enjoy, you argue about the things that you don’t agree on. This is one of the things I love and respect most about the relationship that Charlie and I have. We may have started off looking at the world completely differently, but as time grew on we started to see it a bit more similarly. And though we might not agree on everything, we can agree to disagree and continue to give that respect to each other that we both deserve.

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The Day Before the Launch & 1 Month After Our Wedding

I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “Today begins the first day of the rest of my life.” But then again I’ve been saying that every day for the past 30 days.

1 month ago today, Charlie and I experienced the best day of our lives to date. In front of 200 of our closest friends and family we said the 2 words that would intertwine us for a lifetime – I DO. That day was a truly blessed day. I knew that my life had changed forever and for the better.

Prior to the wedding, Charlie and I had many talks about our life after Oct. 8, 2011. What were we going to do? What were the things we were going to change? What did we need to become better individually and as a couple? Well, one thing was for sure. We wanted a challenge.

That’s exactly what CO is for us. It’s us being ourselves, being true to what we know and learning more along the way. We decided to take the best out of our 2 businesses and combine them under one name. It’s the future of our lives mimicked in business form. Today I realize, it’s just like our marriage. 2 people, becoming one. 2 businesses, becoming one.

Tomorrow, CO (Charlie Ortega/Carissa Ortega) Creative Cartel will open it’s online doors. We’ll be providing 2 different sides to our business: Event Styling and Business Solutions. Our Event Styling division will offer event services with a specialty in stationery and custom design accessories for centerpieces, room decor, and ambiant lighting. Our Business Solutions will be geared toward graphic design and printing services for small and large business as well as retail storefront design and social media management.

I’m so excited for tomorrow. We’ve worked so hard, planned so much, and wished on so many stars for this. It not only signifies the day we launch our business, no, it means so much more.

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