Without My Mom – Year 2

I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled programming to remember my mom today. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since she left us, it feels like just yesterday.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to accept, I know they say that time heals but I disagree. I feel just as devastated today as the day she passed. I relive her last weeks in hospice, what it was like for my family, how many people came to see her. I relive her last day and the morning that it happened quite often, that image of her and everyone around me that is engrained in my mind forever. I relive the moments after she passed. I cried like I never have before, unabashedly, like no one was there.

I cried into every person’s arms that hugged me. As I write this, I’ll admit that tears still roll down my face. I just miss her so much. There are the days where I celebrate her and then there are the days I mourn. Today is a combination of the 2.

I was 7 in this picture – from then until I was 30 I believed my mom was invincible. She was my Super Woman. Yes, we didn’t agree on a lot of things but we also agreed on a lot of other things. As I grew older a lot of people told me that I remind them of my mom. I never saw it, until now. There are lots of people that miss my mom and when they see me they say I’m just like her. I take that as a compliment. 🙂

I miss you, Mommy! Here on Earth or up in Heaven you’re still my Super Woman. 


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Happy Belated Birthday Mom

Dear Mommy,

Happy belated birthday! I’m a couple days late but I know that you have been with me lately. It’s as if I can feel your presence around me, it almost gives me butterflies constantly.

We had a Preview Day on Sunday for Ninong’s! We wanted it to be our Grand Opening, but we still have things to do before everything at the new place is just right. The dream I had of you in our new location keeps replaying in my mind. You were sitting at a table, sitting up straight and looking around with a smile. I hope you approve and we make you proud when we officially open here. I’m doing my best, and though some times that may not be good enough I hope I am some how able to do you justice. Make you proud. I know you would’ve handled this with more poise and grace than I ever could.

After the Preview Day we had a friends and family dinner at the new place, the night before your birthday. It was more of a birthday party for you, you would have been 67 years old. We all miss you so much. I can’t believe that exactly 3 weeks after your day of birth we will be remembering you on the day that you passed. 

Happy birthday Mom! I love you and miss you every day, I wish you were here but I know that you’re with the Lord smiling from Heaven.


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Soon They Won’t Know Who She Is

My mom was one of the people that started Ninong’s in 2008. Even after my mom stopped working there she would visit often and have breakfast or lunch with my dad there. Almost once a week. Case in point is, my team knew my mom and they loved her.

There’s my mom in the very back middle with the super white, short hair and striped sweater – with the team at Ninong’s Christmas Party 2014

This was important to me.

My mom is a huge part of what endearingly call “The Shop.” She was 1 of the 4 people that started the business, she put in countless hours, and worked really hard to make it successful.

But not only that, she’s a huge part of who I am. She played a big role in my growth as a business woman. Heck, she’s my mom!

Since Ninong’s has had continued growth, I’ve had to hire more and more employees and also replace the employees we’ve had that have moved on to their careers. Slowly but steadily. A couple months ago it dawned on me that the generation of employees that I’m starting to train never got to meet my mom, which makes me kinda sad.

My team will never get to meet an amazing, loving, and gracious woman. Sometimes too nice for her own good. They would never get to witness her contagious and ever popular smile. That means, they’ll only have to hear from my stories about how great she was, what she did for our business, and how big of an influence she had on our success.

I’m going to have to carry on her can-do entrepreneurial spirit. I’m going to have to keep smiling even in times of trouble. I’m going to be the person that people can turn to so that her legacy of love and kindness carries on.

Look at that smile

Miss you, Mom. Every day. I never want people to forget you because you touched so many of our lives in a big way.



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