The Ray of Hope Benefit – Downtown LA

My dearest Raymond,

I can’t believe it’s been almost 1 year since you’ve moved on from this world. I miss you so much. I’m not sure if it was just me, but I thought it would get easier as time went on. I thought that time would help heal. But I was wrong. Time hasn’t healed, it hasn’t gotten easier. In fact, the saying, “Distance only makes the heart grow fonder” really is true. But Ray, the distance grows more and more. And I hate that. It makes me sad that I let myself get too busy to even have a moment to just be, reminisce, and remember. But lately, you’ve been in my mind every single second of every day. So many times I find myself in tears thinking about you.

Ray, I had a dream about your 1st Ray of Hope Benefit Kuya Jay threw for you. When you were on stage performing, you were a natural. All us girls were screaming at the top of our lungs for you! It was the most amazing thing to see you up there. The passion you have for things that you want to pursue is so inspirational. You continue to be an inspiration to us all, and we want to keep your loving spirit alive.


You’ve inspired your AMN family to continue your Ray of Hope Benefit the Friday before your 1 year anniversary. I’m so scared Ray. I’m so nervous and scared. I want this to benefit to be a success. We made a scary goal of

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raising $10,000 for City of Hope. But I believe in this goal. I believe we can do it. But I’m so scared. I want this event to be a reflection of your positivity, passion, and love. I want it to be a chance for all your family and friends to reconnect to remember a time when your love bound us all together. I want to make a difference in lives just like you did. I just want to make you proud.

Help guide us, Ray. In a world like this, we need to remember your love and passion more than ever.



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Ray’s Hope Lives On – Triccie’s Custom iPhone 5 Cases

Ray was our very first customer for our iPhone cases. You can read more about his case design here. I never thought that we would be designing cases to remember him by. Sigh…it’s bittersweet to be honest. We miss him so much, but I really liked how these cases turned out for his cousin Triccie and his sister Bing.

They have new iPhone 5’s! Lucky ladies! I’m not due for an upgrade until January 😉 They were our first iPhone 5 case order and the cases for these devices look spectacular! Nice and slim with great protection.

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Lighting the Fire and Doing the Work


October isn’t even over yet, and so much change within me has happened. Let’s start from the beginning shall we? After the emotionalness (Yes, I make up words) that was September, October came way too soon but not soon enough. I wasn’t ready or another month to slip through the cracks. If there was one thing I learned from you it is to live and love life, and I knew that for me October was the time I had to start doing that.

At the end of September, my dad was in the Philippines with his brothers and sisters taking care of my grandpa. The 2 weeks he was gone was terrifying. I felt like my heart was being ripped apart, as if it could be crumbled into any more pieces. My dad came back just in time for his birthday on Oct. 1st and thank God my grandpa was okay. The following weekend was a bittersweet weekend for Charlie and I. We weren’t quite ready to celebrate anything, but we embraced our 1 year wedding anniversary with open arms and went back to the scene of the crime. 🙂 It was just as beautiful as the day we got married. It was the perfect way to get the month started, full of LOVE.

Heritage Park in Dana Point, CA where we had our wedding ceremony
The gorgeous greenery and view at Heritage Park
Steps leading up to our ceremony location
Our ceremony site and the gorgeous view after you pass the trees

It was exactly what we needed to recharge our batteries. A couple days of rest along the beautiful coast of California. While Charlie caught some Z’s I spent most of my time on the balcony of our hotel room. The Surf and Sand Resort will forever be one of my all time favorite places to visit. And why wouldn’t it be with this view?!

The gorgeous sunset view from our hotel room.

Amazing right?!

The weekend following, I attended the LA stop of the Making Things Happen tour and made 15 new lifelong friends. I thought I knew what to expect, it was my second time attending the intensive. I was ready to open up, be vulnerable, and get the most out of it. But for some reason, when the event began the shell came back on, and I had to force myself to let go and open my heart. That was the most difficult, yet most rewarding day. Since September, I felt like I was being tumbled and thrown in different directions. My life kept taking completely different turns and I was scared. MTH helped me so much during this very difficult time. It showed me light and how to conquer fear again. It gave me the boost I needed to start getting myself back together and really take a look at the life I was given. It reminded me to live the life you always told us we deserved — a full and happy life full of dreams.

So what did I do? I channeled my pain, my sadness, my grief, and I did what I know you wanted me to do. I turned it into positivity and productivity. That image of the sunset illustrates exactly how I feel right now. I lit the fire within me and began doing the work, the hard work. I’m going to make you proud, Ray. Every day is a struggle, it’s hard, and I miss you every single second of the day. But after my tears fall, I’m ready to take on the world. Just like you.


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