Wish List Wednesday – Etsy Home

Happy Wednesday everyone! This Wish List Wednesday consists of items that I’m drooling over on Etsy. I’ve been in the home-decor-buying mood these past few months. My taste tends for the house tends to be subtle natural colors with 1 dramatic item. My living room consists of grays, tans, beiges with a splash of chocolate brown for contrast. I’m loving these items from Etsy showing off these hues in a very stylish way!



  1. This fabric wreath by Becca of Becca’s Crafty Corner. Get yours here.
  2. This gorgeous pair of concrete candle holders by Isabel of Spacio Terreno would be perfect as a center piece for my square dining table! I love the geometric shape! Get yours here.
  3. You know what really makes a couch look comfy? The throw pillows! This beauty is made by Linda of Mi Casa Bella. Get yours here.


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Wish List Wednesday No. 1

In light of the upcoming holiday season, I’ve been doing a lot of online window shopping. 🙂 But I have to admit that I can online window shop any time of year! So, I decided to include some of my wish list items in what I’m going to call Wish List Wednesdays (I know, clever title right?). I’m a weird shopper. If you see me walking around a retail store here’s what you’ll see and why Charlie loves and hates shopping with me. Lol!

So I’ll do my initial walk through of the store. I don’t immediately go for the first rack and then make my way around. I walk through the main walkway of the store, look at their visual displays, see what’s on their mannequins, see how they’re grouping their color schemes…you know, the usual. If something doesn’t “call to me” (as I like to call it) then I’m in and out of that store quick. <— That right there is why Charlie doesn’t mind shopping with me. But if I like what I see then I’ll start scoping the racks that I initially thought were interesting. I’ll carry everything that I like around with me and then after I look through all the racks I thought were interesting, I’ll plant myself with all my potential purchases somewhere in the store and analyze every piece I pulled from the rack. <— And that, ladies and gents is why Charlie hates shopping with me.

Disclaimer: This, however, does not apply to shopping at Target/Walmart/Supermarkets and the like. I like to walk through ever single aisle in those stores! ;P

Now that I’m done with that rant, let’s get to my wish list for this wednesday.

This wasn’t on purpose, but coincidentally all my faves are from Urban Outfitters this week. My 2 ultimate fates are the touch screen compatible gloves and the cross back sweater *swoon*

If you want to grab any of these great finds, here are the links:

  1. Key Holder and Chalkboard combo 
  2. Tiered Geometric Necklace
  3. Cool Blue Nail Polish
  4. Cross Back Sweater
  5. Touch screen gloves


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The Journey Never Ends

Charlie and I were working all last weekend. We were sitting side-by-side in our office working on our own projects, asking for each other’s opinions, getting things done…SUCH a good feeling! At one moment during the weekend I remember looking at him and taking in that moment. Seeing him so dedicated, so engulfed, so passionate was such an inspiration. He takes on a lot and cannot imagine how he finds a way to do it all. But he does and I’m so proud.

I’m so thankful for him. Having a husband that encourages me, understands me, supports me, and knows me better than I know myself is more than anything I could have ever asked for. The times are good and bad, but because of him and the guidance of our faith I’ve found

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strength in both cases. No matter which direction our journey takes us, I know enduring it together gives me the confidence I need.

Today, I feel more than ready to take on that journey. I’m excited, I’m humbled, and I’m ready.

Thank you, Charlie. Thank you so much.

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