Restaurant Feature – Ninong’s on The Filipino Channel

Ninong’s has given me and my family so many opportunities. One of them being featured in different publications, blogs, and even on TV every once in a while.

Prior to officially opening at our new location, we invited some of the friends we’ve made in the media industry to come and eat some food! We wanted to showcase some of the new menu offerings we were going to have as well as let them see the new location for themselves.

Most recently, the Filipino Channel (aka TFC) showed a segment about us on their show Balitang America from the tasting. What an honor! It was perfect timing too, we were just about to announce that we were going to start serving our Chicken and Waffle that same week. They beat us to it!

Thank you to Steve and everyone at TFC for the feature!


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30 Day Blogging Challenge

I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it.

I feel like 30 days straight of blogging is just too much for me to undertake. Just like any challenge it’s meant to push you to your limit, to show you that there’s more. And that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for some motivation, accountability, and a challenge.

By nature I’m a lazy person, a procrastinator. But what makes me get the job done is a sense of urgency. As an entrepreneur it’s difficult for me to motivate myself to get a step ahead. So a way to trick my mind into being productive is to create a challenge to hold me accountable. Then I put it all over social media thinking that my followers care that I stick to it lol. That’s when I get crap done!

So the whole point of this challenge is so I can get ahead of my blog schedule so you actually won’t see posts every day. You’ll see them as I post them (usually Monday/Wednesday/Friday). Another reason I want to get ahead of my posts is so that I can create graphics that are relevant and go well with the topics that I write about. Based on my workflow I work best if I write first and create imagery later.

I’m really excited for this challenge! I’ve done it a few times but never completed it so I’m more determined than ever to be able to do this thing!


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April Plan with Me

I though I’d start this Plan With Me series since using my planner has helped me so much with my productivity. For a scatter brain like me, having a planner of some kind is essential. Thoughts just slip into my mind and just as quickly slip right out. Having a space to jot things down has helped me remember things (as long as I remember to write it down in the first place)!

This month is kind of a transitional month for me with my planner. I saw on Twitter that Evernote shared a link on how to use bullet journals with their app and it piqued my interest. Though I’m not using Evernote for my planner, I thought I’d try and see if I could transition my paper planner into a digital one so I can go fully digital.

For the entire year of 2017 I carried my iPad Pro (and Apple Pencil) with me everywhere along with my planner. I’d dreamt of going fully digital for years but just couldn’t find a way to make it work for me. BUT! I think I’ve got it and I’m so excited about it lol (planner nerd over here)! More on that later. In the mean time, let me show you my set up for both my analog and digital planners.

For analog, I’m using the Happy Planner but just the bones of their system. I have the classic size and I bought the mini rings so that it wouldn’t be as bulky. I usually have 3 months worth of my planner with me at all times. I got this cute cover from HelloPrettyPlanner on Etsy.

I was so excited for spring and Easter that I decided to go with a simple and light color scheme – coral, green, and grey.

In my analog planner I have space for important dates, a cleaning list tracker, and health and fitness. I also have the planner essentials – month view and of course my weekly spread. I personally make space for my food log, a gratitude/blessings section, goals, social media stats, and notes.

So I know it’s more work, but I’m keeping 2 planners to see which one I like better. My analog planner and my digital planner. My digital planner is almost the same layout as the analog, but just with a few tweaks. Since I don’t have to split my layout into 2 like I do with the analog planner I designed a modified version of my analog template that I put onto my iPad Pro (using Dropbox). I also created a habit/finance/mood tracker vs. a cleaning list tracker so I can keep track of more than just my cleaning tasks.

TBH, I’m already loving my digital planner but I’m trying to be patient. I don’t like jumping into a new system so quickly, especially if the old system I had was working for me. That’s why even though it’s more work I’m keeping 2 planners lol. I know I know, it might sound crazy but I think my fellow planner addicts can sympathize!

If you have any layouts or suggestions on whether I should stay analog or go digital let me know!

Happy planning!


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