AJ’s Billionaire Boys Club Inspired Case

I remember the first time I ever heard of Billionaire Boys Club was from AJ. Yes, I know, I live under a rock. I had no idea what he was talking about when he told me about them. We were going to Las Vegas for Project back in August of this year and when I text him to let him know we were coming to his city for the show, he said something along the lines of, “Go take pictures of their booth, their stuff is dooooooope.” Naturally, when he told me he wanted a case for his “naked” iPhone 5 and wanted to create a case for it, he sent me this pattern.

I’m so happy that he liked it! It’s exactly what he needs to match all his Billionaire Boys Club gear. 🙂

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Unique LA Recap

Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to be a vendor at Unique LA 5th Annual Holiday Show. There were tons of great vendors selling great products. It was 2 days worth of madness and fun, Charlie and I were actually sad when it was all over (despite how exhausted we were). I didn’t know what to expect, especially it was our first time showing our products there. But we did better than I ever thought we would AND got great feedback as well. I’m so excited for what’s to come next year!

Here are a few pictures from our booth.


Say hello to our friendly and talented neighbors:

Krank Press

Foodie Cat

We definitely intend to show at Unique again, can’t wait for the next one! Here’s our full gallery of photos from the event. There were tons of eye candy, especially those desserts. YUMMM. Enjoy!

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Controller Case: a Video Game Blast from the Past

I didn’t have any brothers or sisters. So my mom and I would spend our Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights playing board games and video games. I have to tell you, my mom is a BOSS and will own you on Super Mario 3 for Nintendo. Not. Joking. She was good. My favorite gaming system was, and still is, that classic Nintendo. So, we created a case inspired by the iconic design.

Controller Case

Yes, that system is a classic Nintendo gaming system. My ORIGINAL one, the one me and my mom used to play on. 1 of 2, actually. 🙂

Which one’s the case?
Our model, CJ! 🙂
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