Behind the Scenes of our Fall Look Book Photoshoot

As you guys know, our Fall & Winter look book dropped Labor Day weekend last month. We were more than excited to get these iPhone and iPad case designs to you all! We did a lot of research, worked day and night, and strived to give you guys the best quality cases with a sleek and interesting design.

Our first day of shooting we were lucky enough to have talented photographer, Preston Richardson, shoot for us. Preston is such a talented and humble individual to work with. He fit in so well with the rest of the CO team, we can’t wait to work with him again! I was able to get some behind the scenes shots of him in action with our stylist and models.

Preston setting up his equipment for the shot
Our model, Shanelle, workin’ the camera
Our model and good friend, Ceejay, workin the camera
The team planning the next shot

We planned for a sunrise shoot and the light was UGH-MAYZING. Yes, spelled exactly like that. 😉  All of us were really grumpy (okay maybe not grumpy…but tired) about waking up at the butt-crack of dawn but it was well worth it. Actually, we had to wake up earlier so we can be IN Downtown LA at the butt-crack of dawn. Haha! I was able to capture some of the gorgeousness that was going on and took a couple amateur shots of my own. 🙂

Our view of Little Tokyo in Downtown LA
My amazing cousin and our stylist, Loren, setting Shanelle up for the shot
Preston Richardson Photography in the middle of the street, stopping traffic, to get that magic shot!
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Our Native Pattern iPhone Case

Sorry for the lack of updates here. As many of you readers know, we’ve been going through a very difficult time personally. To be completely honest, some days are okay, some days are good, and some days are just horrible. Today is a pretty good day! So I’d like to share our Native Case in “Pocahontas” with you.

Native Pattern iPhone case in “Pocahontas”

This is one of my favorite patterns for the Fall season. It just reminds me of boots, thick coats, and the cold and windy days! The Native pattern comes in 6 different shades, all inspired by the colors of the you see during the fall and winter months. This particular case was a Credit Case (Rest in Peace Credit Case) for a great customer that was lucky enough to snag one while our Credit Cases were still available. But our designs still come in our Vibe and Compact Case designs. Our Compact Case has very similar functionality to this case, as it’s sleek with minimal bulge.

Native Pattern iPhone Case in “Pocahontas”


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Our Contest Winner, Sharon, and her iPhone Case

You know the contest we threw over a month ago? Yeah, that one. It’s finally time to put up the case that our winner, Sharon, picked! Our Geoshapes Case Series is a fun and summery design. Paired with the pink that she picked on her case it’s a light and bright design to draw eyes and call some attention.

Geoshapes Durable Case in Hot Pink
Geoshapes Durable Case in Hot Pink
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