June Favorites

This month was a personal triumph for me. It was the first month in a long time that my goals were all to make me better as a person instead of just an entrepreneur. As a self-proclaimed work-a-holic this is a big step for me. This month, my favorite things have helped me to keep my perspective throughout the day as well as make me feel good about myself.
The Morning Mindset Podcast by Carey Green. I’ve listened to this every morning for the last 2 months and it has done so much for my well being and positive mindset. It’s a quick 5 minute daily podcast that gives you a little shot of The Word every day. Perfect for my quick drive to work every morning.
I bought a desk organizer to elevate my computer screen and create more usable space on my desk. This has been really helpful with my posture and back. Since I use a laptop I tend to hunch down to look at my screen. Now that it’s elevated closer to eye level it has helped me to sit up straight.
I had my fair share of sleepless nights this month, mostly because I want an iced coffee and I’m stupid enough to drink it at 4 pm. Not to mention those nights when I do actually fall asleep but I’m not really sleeping which happens more often than not. Whenever I’ve had a hard time sleeping I take a couple of these melatonin gummies when I’m ready for bed. 2 of them are the recommended dosage and I’m out like a light. It has really helped me get a good night’s sleep.
Short hair restaurant owner problems, amirite? My hair is this asymmetric longer on the right side and short everywhere else. It’s cute when it’s down and fixed. It even works for itself when it’s air dried. But pulling it back? OMG it’s a disaster. My hair is too short in the back so I always have these 2 patches on each side of my neck. Not cute to say the least. These headbands add a little character and help tuck those stray hairs back. Plus, it helps me look like I tried a little harder lol 😂 
If there’s anything that’s a must for me lately, it’s my eyebrow pencil. If I have that and a little bit of mascara and lip gloss I feel a little put together. I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil from Benefit Cosmetics. Considering how crazy it is to work in a kitchen and a dining room this pencil is still there at the end of the day which is more to say than most eyebrow products I’ve tried in the past.
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June Goals Check In

I’m feeling so accomplished so far this month. Not necessarily work related, but I’ve hit some personal goals that have really improved my motivation all around. It’s been a good month! Here’s an update on my 5 goals for June:
  1. Backyard Patio: If you follow me on IG then you know that Charlie and I finished a big backyard project and we finished it this week! OMG, this has been such a burden for us and I’m SO happy that we’ve finally finished it! Truth be told we have so much work in the back yard to still do but this was a big one for us. I’ll be posting a before and after as well as a how-to next month. This was a big one for me. I feel so accomplished. I’m excited to use our back yard, have BBQ’s, have dinner out there, even work out there! It’s slowly but surely turning into the space I’ve always dreamed it could be!

  2. Go to church: To be truthful church is really important to me and I’m disappointed in myself that I still haven’t gone. But, in hindsight I’ve been watching Pastor Steven Furtick’s YouTube Channel and watching Elevation Church’s sermons every week. Not to mention my daily devotionals and podcasts. But there’s just something special about physical church. I’m glad I’m still making an effort to hear the Word, but I’m yearning for my church community. There’s just something about being in church, in person.
  3. Exercise: I’ve put together a fitness plan people! This was a big hurdle for me to overcome (more mentally than anything else). I haven’t exercised at all this year. Shame shame shame on me. We don’t have a budget for a lot of things we used to so I’ve had to cut down on our monthly expenses, our gym membership was one of them. I have my home workout planned out. I started yesterday and it felt good to get my heart pumping a bit again. Now it’s time to keep it going!
  4. Keep plants alive: So far my plant babies are doing well! Charlie named them Romeo and Juliet. I’m trying not to obsess over them too much, I might kill them. I’m also trying not to forget I have them, I might kill them. Lol! Stay tuned on my IG to see how they’re doing.

    Please don’t die, Plants!
  5. Be creative: I need to be better about this. I think i’m going to create a doodles stack in Procreate so get me to start playing with the app more and to let my creative juices flowing.
On the work end of things, it has been progressing nicely which is why I didn’t really make it part of my goals for this month.
After my 30 day Blogging Challenge I decided to write Monday-Friday while posting new content Monday/Wednesday/Friday every week onto my blog. Blogging has turned into something I’m very passionate about and I feel that my voice is starting to develop the more I write consistently. Ninong’s has also been steadily growing and we’re starting to get a good idea of how much grocery and supplies we need every week. Things could be better, still at a net loss and paying back loans from the renovation but we’re doing ok. We’re getting by and I’m grateful for that.
I’m also starting to settle into my productivity routine. I think I’ve found a system that works for me which I’ll be sharing soon. I still have a little bit of tweaking to do but I’ll probably be sharing my workflow/productivity tools for personal and professional use some time next month. Stay tuned for that!
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June Goal Setting

I’ve got big, big plans for you June! I feel like I say that about every month lol.

But really, life has been great! Not saying that life is full of ups. Trust me, every day is a challenge. I never know what kind of hand I’m going to be dealt. But because my goal in April was to focus on “faith” and May was to “simplify.” I know my outlook toward every day life has changed in the last 2 months because I’ve shifted and made an effort to focus on the right things. I feel more at peace about things, I appreciate all the good things so much more, and I have more room for things that lift me up. Why fill myself with negative things when positivity is so much better!

That being said, this month the keyword is “Balance.” Balancing life between work and personal life has never been my strong suit, TBH. I think it just goes with the type of person I am. I’m a work-a-holic. If I’m into something or I find it useful I’m 110% dedicated and hard core about it. I guess you can call it passion lol! But like I said, that doesn’t lead to a balanced life.

“Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.”
– Thomas Kinkade

Aside from work goals (restaurant sales goals, posting 3 blog posts a week, and creating content 5 days a week) I’ve created 5 fun personal goals for this month to keep the balance. I’m going to keep track of these goals in my Digital Planner to keep me on track.

Be a “plant lady.” Guys, this goal is the one that probably gives me the most anxiety. I am so bad at keeping plants alive. Even low maintenance plants die at my hand lol! So I bought 2 plans at the end of May and I am determined to keep them alive and watch them grow!

Please don’t die, Plants!

Finish our backyard patio. This one is pretty embarrassing. We started on this DIY project a year ago and it’s STILL not done. We have a really nice covered patio attached to our home and we wanted to extend it out because we have such a big back yard that we don’t use. The project came to a screeching halt when we moved the restaurant at the end of 2017 and continued until recently because we’re lazy AF. But Charlie and I agreed that it’s finally time to finish this one. Mind you, we still have a LONG list of home improvement projects we want to complete. But, one step at a time.


Start exercising again. I miss exercising which surprises me lol! I know I’m not at the place where I used to be (working out 4 days a week, sometimes 2-a-days) but I just want a little pump. I miss that feeling after a work out.

Go to church. I’ve been watching/listening to sermons weekly but it’s so different when you’re physically there in person. This is the one thing that truly turns my attitude and approach on life a complete 180 degrees.

Make time for creativity. I guess the graphic designer in me is yearning to come out. Now that I don’t really get to draw and hand letter as often as I used to I want to make space to excercise the creative side of my brain.

Hope you have a happy June everyone! Half way through the year, let’s keep it going!


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