June Favorites

This month was a personal triumph for me. It was the first month in a long time that my goals were all to make me better as a person instead of just an entrepreneur. As a self-proclaimed work-a-holic this is a big step for me. This month, my favorite things have helped me to keep my perspective throughout the day as well as make me feel good about myself.
The Morning Mindset Podcast by Carey Green. I’ve listened to this every morning for the last 2 months and it has done so much for my well being and positive mindset. It’s a quick 5 minute daily podcast that gives you a little shot of The Word every day. Perfect for my quick drive to work every morning.
I bought a desk organizer to elevate my computer screen and create more usable space on my desk. This has been really helpful with my posture and back. Since I use a laptop I tend to hunch down to look at my screen. Now that it’s elevated closer to eye level it has helped me to sit up straight.
I had my fair share of sleepless nights this month, mostly because I want an iced coffee and I’m stupid enough to drink it at 4 pm. Not to mention those nights when I do actually fall asleep but I’m not really sleeping which happens more often than not. Whenever I’ve had a hard time sleeping I take a couple of these melatonin gummies when I’m ready for bed. 2 of them are the recommended dosage and I’m out like a light. It has really helped me get a good night’s sleep.
Short hair restaurant owner problems, amirite? My hair is this asymmetric longer on the right side and short everywhere else. It’s cute when it’s down and fixed. It even works for itself when it’s air dried. But pulling it back? OMG it’s a disaster. My hair is too short in the back so I always have these 2 patches on each side of my neck. Not cute to say the least. These headbands add a little character and help tuck those stray hairs back. Plus, it helps me look like I tried a little harder lol 😂 
If there’s anything that’s a must for me lately, it’s my eyebrow pencil. If I have that and a little bit of mascara and lip gloss I feel a little put together. I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil from Benefit Cosmetics. Considering how crazy it is to work in a kitchen and a dining room this pencil is still there at the end of the day which is more to say than most eyebrow products I’ve tried in the past.

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