1 Month Until Las Vegas Market

I can’t believe I have a 4 short weeks until we leave for Las Vegas for Las Vegas Market! 

We’re sooooo behind lol.

In the next coming weeks we’re going to be finishing (and starting lol) the catalog, send out mailers to retailers, and finalizing the details for the booth design.

I just wanted to share that some days I’m really excited to go and finally do my first trade show for CO Creative Cartel. Other days I’m really scared that this investment in my business is going to be a complete waste of money. 

And to me, that’s okay!

In my life experiences I’ve learned that I’m okay with life being messy sometimes. Okay, most of the the time. It takes a lot to try something, especially when it’s not a for sure thing. 

At least you tried right? My dad always used to say that.

So I’m going to try and grow my business at Las Vegas Market. If I fail, it’ll be okay. If I succeed, even better!


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Journey to Wholesale

We are officially 8 weeks to Las Vegas Summer Market 2017! How in the world did that happen?!


I hopped on a webinar hosted by LV Market about their marketing plan and all the resources we have as exhibitors to promote ourselves before, during, and after the market. The webinar was really helpful and helped me to realize that I have a lot of tools at my fingertips, way more than I thought I would. I just need to make sure I take advantage of as many opportunities as I can.

At this moment, I’m very casual about it. Am I ready? No. Is our product line ready? No.  Is our catalog done? Heck to the no. But that’s ok lol! At least at this moment it’s ok, only because I’m not freaking the F out right now. Hence the “.” at the end of that sentence instead of a “!”

I have my occasional stressed out moments about once a week. I feel like it usually happens on Tuesdays haha! But I figured that if I didn’t have those freak out moments something would be wrong. Being so blasé all the time isn’t good for anyone, that means I won’t push myself to do the work. So I guess all is right with the world.

I honestly still can’t believe that I’m debuting at a wholesale trade show this year. I’ve been dreaming of doing this for years and it’s finally happening. That surreal feeling of achieving something that I’ve wanted for so long is just mind blowing. And it just shows that slow and steady doesn’t mean failure. Timing is everything, don’t rush into it. Give it time to grow, to marinate in your mind, to strategize.

This journey is just beginning, and I’m so happy that things are happening the way they are.


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Journey to Wholesale – Las Vegas Market Planning 1

A long time dream is coming true for me guys. For over 5 years I’ve been wanting to take my stationery business – CO Creative Cartel to the wholesale market. This year is the year!

I’ve put my deposit down on a booth at the Las Vegas Market this summer. Let the planning begin!

First thing is first, I’m working on getting all my product offerings down so that I can start working on the next big beast – the catalogDun dun dun!

I’ve done a bit of soul searching with this business last year and since then  I’ve decided on my niche market. That being said I really want to create products that point back to my brand mission which is to create stationery for entrepreneurs. More on this later.

That being said there’s a lot to do now that I have a clearer vision for my company. I’ve been doing a lot of research with the product ideas I have. I’m in the process of ordering samples from different companies to make sure I have a good balance of the right quality and price point. This is extremely important if you want to sell products. Not only do you want to make sure you cover the cost of the product but also your time, your expenses, your packaging, shipping costs…you have to factor all that in when you’re thinking about setting your price. Don’t undercut yourself and don’t undercut your industry.

Ok guys, keep me accountable. 

  1. Finalize product line
  2. Start designing the catalog

Las Vegas Market, here we come!




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