13 April Fool’s Days

My dearest husband,

13 years ago, our journey as a couple officially began. I can’t believe it’s been that long, I still feel like we’re 20 and hopelessly in love. We’ve been April Fools for 13 years and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Our first official picture as a couple – June 2004

Who knew our paths would cross at the right time? Who knew that out of a genuine friendship we could fall in love? Who knew that it actually wasn’t a rebound? You did. You knew even before I did. 

Despite everything we risked to be together we stand here today – together and united as 1 and I consider myself extremely lucky. I remember when you asked me to be your girlfriend. You asked me twice already and I said no because I was scared. I didn’t want to get hurt, I was scared of what everyone was going to think and say. You didn’t give up on me. You asked me again on April 1st and I finally said yes! I’m so glad that I took a chance and stopped worrying about everyone else. It was the best decision I ever made. I found a man that was ready to be as committed as I was and wanted the same things out of life. 

Throughout our years together we’ve always been there for each other with honesty, love, and selflessness behind everything we do for other. Thank you for not keeping score, not holding grudges, forgiving me every time I make a mistake, and for showing me grace and love every day.

We’ve been through so much together and as I said when we got married, I’m so glad that you’re the man I get to experience life with. I would choose you over and over again, Babe. 

CO Wedding – 10/8/11

Happy anniversary, my love. Thank you for taking a chance on me! Every day I wake up next to you I’m excited for what life has in store for us because we get to do it together. I love you!

With all my love,

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Merry Christmas to you! Being Honest

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your holidays have been full of family, friends, love, and grace of Jesus Christ. This month I have much to be thankful for, but that will be another post in a couple weeks. 🙂

I have to be honest with you, this holiday has been extremely hard for me. I’ve been trying really hard to have some Christmas spirit and for the most part it’s been a happy holiday season. Like I said, I’ve made many memorable memories this Christmas so I’m extremely thankful. But truth be told it’s been hard. This time last year was a whirlwind of emotions. This time last year was the last opportunity I really got to spend time with my mom and dad, in my childhood home, and us together. Just us, no one else. Even then, I tried to be happy but it was hard. For me, this was the beginning of the end.

This is my first holiday without my mom and my dad is now living in the Philippines. The words that probably sum up this year has had to be “change” or “adapt” for me. I miss my mom dearly. I think back on these days last year constantly. A time when I could hold my mom’s hand, give her a hug, and buy her a candle for Christmas like I always do. After this photo my mom’s health took a turn for the worse, I had to speak at my mom’s funeral, we sold my childhood home, and my dad moved to the Philippines.

But it’s ok, because life moves on. God got me. And regardless of whether she’s here or not she has shaped me into the woman I am today. Since I started working at her real estate office a lot of her old colleagues keep telling me I look like her, especially when I smile. It warms my heart every time. And this season I am making a commitment to myself to never forget but to move forward. More on that later 😉

Like I said, Merry Christmas everyone! If there is anything I’ve learned from these past 3 years it’s hold your loved ones close, make an effort to show them how much you mean to them, tell them you love them often, never take them for granted, make memories, and always smile no matter how down you are. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. I’ll be doing that this weekend and in the weeks to come.


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Wholesale Prep: Valentine’s Day 2017 Release – Stuff we Make

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to retail calendars. It’s October and I’m working on my Valentine’s Day Collection for next year. WHAT?! Halloween hasn’t even happened yet! That’s definitely one thing I need to work on – adjusting my design schedule to the retail calendar. I can’t just design what I feel like when I feel like. As a business owner I need a game plan, a goal, and a schedule.
In past years Valentine’s Day has always been our busiest holiday. TBH, I think that’s just because it’s our largest line. I actually really like making Love cards. Charlie and I have a lot of inside jokes since we’ve been together for so long (over 12 years dating and 5 years married, yikes!) and that’s where I pull most of my inspiration from.
Here’s a sneak peek of my sketch book. I guess you guys will have to wait and see what designs make the cut! 😃
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