Wholesale Prep: Valentine’s Day 2017 Release – Stuff we Make

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to retail calendars. It’s October and I’m working on my Valentine’s Day Collection for next year. WHAT?! Halloween hasn’t even happened yet! That’s definitely one thing I need to work on – adjusting my design schedule to the retail calendar. I can’t just design what I feel like when I feel like. As a business owner I need a game plan, a goal, and a schedule.
In past years Valentine’s Day has always been our busiest holiday. TBH, I think that’s just because it’s our largest line. I actually really like making Love cards. Charlie and I have a lot of inside jokes since we’ve been together for so long (over 12 years dating and 5 years married, yikes!) and that’s where I pull most of my inspiration from.
Here’s a sneak peek of my sketch book. I guess you guys will have to wait and see what designs make the cut! 😃

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