August Plan with Me

I’m really excited for a new month! I don’t know what it was about July, but I just wasn’t feelin it. Maybe cause it just started to get really hot this month and I hate the heat. We’re talking 118 degrees Fahrenheit  and over 100 degrees for most of the month. She’s not down with that.

I know August is still a really hot month but we’re getting closer and closer to fall which is my favorite season! I love the weather in LA once it hits around the end of October. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about August. 🙂

I’m really excited for this month’s spread! I got really creative with it which I think will make me want to use it more, I think. I’m also trying out a new weekly spread that is up on my Etsy page if you want to try it out for yourself.

If you want this spread you can get it here, and if you decide to make your own version of the spread make sure to tag me on Instagram and/or Twitter!


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July 2018 Plan With Me

July is the best and worst month of the year lol! I know, I’m a contradiction.
  • It’s the best because it’s strawberry season, my favorite fruit!
  • It’s the worst cuz of the crazy heat in LA. The Valley turns into an unbearable sauna!
  • It’s the best because it’s my birthday month! July babies, it’s our time to shine!
  • It’s the worst cuz it’s my birthday month. Lol!
This month’s planner theme is dedicated to my birth-month, one of the hottest months of the year. I decided to do an ice cream theme cuz it’s one of the only things that’s going to get me through this summer!
Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday right around the corner, but this month’s theme is going to be self care. I really want to focus on improving and showing myself some appreciation even in just small, subtle ways. I may not be able to afford a luxurious massage or a mani/pedi right now but daily prayer time, listening and watching positive content, taking care of my skin, eating right, staying hydrated…even these small things always help turn my mindset into a more positive one.
As I mentioned in my July Goal Setting post, I’m going to switch up how I structure my weeks and days in my planner to see if that helps me get closer to achieving my July goals. It’ll also help me to focus on what really matters to me this month: self care. Stay tuned for my July Goals Update post coming in a few weeks to see how I’m progressing. If you want to grab these templates for yourself you can click here, and if you want to plan with me and progress together make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you tag me if you decide to make your own version! Maybe I’m putting pressure on myself, but it’s my birth month – it should be a good one! 
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June Plan with Me

June is a great month! In LA, we feel the June gloom almost every year so it’s my last chance to basque in the cool weather before the summer hits. Summers are my least favorite because it’s 
I’ve been dreaming about a relaxing getaway lately so I decided to make this month’s theme palms and palm trees. I have this beautiful picture from Hawaii when we went in 2013 where I captured the sunset with silhouettes of palm trees. It was such a memorable moment for me. The photo definitely doesn’t do it justice.
I was thinking of what else to add to the design so it wouldn’t be so monotone and so many Pinterest pins had birds on them. But if you know me then you know that isn’t an option lol! So we’ll stick with just the leaves. Plus, I think it goes well with one of my main goals for this month – be a Plant Lady. Please LAWD! Don’t let me kill my plants lol!
Hope you enjoy the layout! This design will be available for download in my Etsy shop beginning today! If you decide to create your own version of this layout be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter @JustKissa! Happy planning!
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