Spring Cleaning Series – Plan it Out

As part of my theme for March my goal is to “Restart” and get back on track after work took over my life for a little while there. Part of that is to get my house in order which hasn’t been fully cleaned in months (so embarrassing to admit this). But, the bright light in this dark tunnel is that this month spring is upon us! I like to do a Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning session at my house to keep it in shape, but my mistake the previous years have been trying to do a full clean in 1 day. This time, I’m going to plan it out and do it in sessions over the month of March and see how this pans out for me.

I try to maintain my house so that it’s less to clean in times like these. I have daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly things I have on a checklist in my planner to help me remember what gets done and when. But the keyword is *try*. While my hurricane of work at Ninong’s happened I barely cleaned at all. Just the bare minimum. Then Charlie and I went on a quick Hawaii getaway with his family for a few days which was amazing but also kept me from cleaning.

My cleaning checklist in my planner

The first Monday I was back from all that mess I was so motivated to get cleaning! I don’t know about you but when I clean I feel like I have a clear mind and it dawned on me that I should start thinking about my spring cleaning plan. I started making a list in my head as I was mopping and wrote down all the things that I wanted to do.

The main focus when I do spring cleaning is to clean things that don’t get cleaned often since I should be doing all the other things on a regular basis anyway. Things like cleaning base boards, clean the top of the refrigerator, clean the window sills, etc.

Once I wrote that down, I organized it into Evernote and categorized it by room. For me personally, cleaning room by room is like zone defense in basketball. If it tackle 1 or 2 rooms each cleaning session it’s more manageable for me and I’ll be more thorough.

My plan is to do a deep clean every Monday in March and April (since Mondays are my days off). If I had 2 days off I would be able to finish everything in a month, but I think that’s the important thing here. It’s better to be realistic and know what you can and can’t do. I originally thought that I’d be able to do all the spring cleaning by the end of March until I sat down with my cleaning list and my calendar and realized that if I’m only dedicating 1 day a week to it then it’s going to take me longer than I thought. But that’s ok! You know that saying, “Done is better than perfect.”

So let’s get to it people! What do you have on your spring cleaning list?


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March Goal Setting

March is creeping up on me and that means spring is almost here. There are some things that are great about spring! Some people think of spring as a fresh start (even though I think anytime is a good time to start), the weather starts to warm up a little bit, beautiful flowers start to bloom, and the leaves start to turn green again. I think the only thing I hate about the spring is my allergy problem haha.


I’ve been looking back on my 2017 goals this past week in Evernote. I revisited the goals I wrote down for myself and just let it marinade for a little while so I can evaluate things I want to work on, change, and keep doing.

  1. Health and Fitness: I need to start going to the gym consistently and continue on improving my dietary choices. 
  2. Work: Ninong’s is doing well, we are continuing to grow and change. I’m planning a huge trade show for CO Creative Cartel in the summer and I need to start planning. Real estate had been busier than expected, we closed 2 transactions in the first quarter and have 3 potential clients we can possibly in the 2nd quarter. I never thought this would be something that I would ever do, especially without my mom. But God has a way of showing you what His plans are for you. 🙂 The Good the Bad the Foodie has started and we’re filming on a consistent basis. We’ve got more videos coming your way so if you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel yet make sure you do so you don’t skip a beat!
  3. Home: Charlie and I have been organizing little by little and tackling projects every couple weeks. Working 6 days a week (sometimes 7) makes it really hard to keep your house clean. I’ve been taking every Monday to clean and doing little by little every day after work to make it more manageable.
  4. Personal Growth: I have really bad self confidence issues and one day I woke up and decided I wanted to start taking care of my skin (more on this later). I’ve never really had any issues with my skin but I definitely didn’t want to start having problems as an adult. I’ve been doing it for a little over a month and not only has my skin felt really soft and healthy but it has also given me a little bit of confidence. Taking care of myself has helped me to treat myself with respect and has mentally given me some self worth! On top of that I found an accountability partner in my good friend and fellow entrepreneur Heather, I started up bible study with my friends again, and I plan on traveling more this year.

So this month, I plan on being more consistent with the new things I started and turn them into healthy habits. The idea of positive reinforcement has been a huge factor in my progress not just in my personal habits and confidence but also in my productivity. So I want to continue to do things that are healthy for my body and mind which will be my focus for this month.

Happy planning guys! What are you goals for the month of March?


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