Target Haul – Spring 2018

I love going to Target. I just love going. I think I’ve met a bunch of people with the same sentiment. But I’m almost obsessed. I get it from my mom for sure. She’s the type that would walk down every single aisle for no reason. It was almost therapeutic for her. And thanks to her, it’s therapeutic for me too.

You can do a lot of “fun stuff” at Target nowadays compared to when I was younger. I put “fun stuff” in quotes because I imagine that I’m lame and that other people wouldn’t find this fun lol! Your shopping experience is more…let’s say…interactive. I love opening the Target app and scanning items that I’m going to throw into my basket in case there’s a coupon. I. love. doing. that! When it makes that sound – the one where there is a coupon available – my eyes just light up! Lol! I know, I’m lame. But hey! It’s me.

So I haven’t been to Target in a while because I work so much and after a long day I just want to go home, rest as much as I can, and sleep until I have to do it all over again the next day. But on Monday, since things have been starting to normalize (whatever that means in entrepreneur world) Charlie and I had some energy and time so I asked him if we could go to Target and “pashall” (means to go on an outing in Filipino). So I got ready and got all dolled up for Target. Yes I did! No shame in my game lol! I came away with some pretty good finds. 

I’ve been craving ice cream so Charlie and I got the Market Pantry Brand Cookies and Cream. I have to say it was legit! It’s about $1 less than the name brand stuff and it was really good! I also got a couple bags of Doritos since it was 2 for $6. I can’t believe how expensive chips are now!

We wanted a coffee grinder for home so we picked up a new coffee grinder so we can have fresh ground coffee beans when we’re at home. We got one very similar to this one.

Lately, I’ve been trying to make small adjustments to my daily routine to help me feel more confident. I’ve been trying to put on some BB cream in the morning, shape my eyebrows, and put on some mascara. Target is having a great deal right now – buy $20 worth of cosmetics and get a $5 Target gift card. I got myself more of Maybelline’s BB Fresh Cream (I’m the medium shade), their Mega Plush Volum’Express Mascara (cuz I have virtually no lashes), and Physicians Formula’s Brow Last Brow Gel. I also got some dry shampoo from Not Your Mother’s brand which I’ve heard great things about, can’t wait to try it. It quickly added up to $20 so I basically got it for $15. Sweet deal!


Last but not least I went and shopped for pens! I’m in the market for a black felt tip pen that doesn’t bleed. I originally went looking for the Paper Mate Marker pens – these are my go to! My ride or die pens. But since they didn’t have any all black markers in stock I decided to go with Sharpie’s new pen. Trying it out, let’s see if I like it. I usually like a thicker tip (this looks like it might be a 0.3) but we’ll give it a whirl!


All in all I think it was a good Target trip for sure. 🙂


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Travel Series – Shopping List


TBH I’m not sure if I’m excited or stressed to go because of Ninong’s moving, but I do know that I love Hawaii! I love the atmosphere, the people, the food. I’m sure once I get there all my worries will go away. 🙂

This trip crept up on me so I haven’t had a chance to prepare or plan, but considering how much I traveled last year I think it’ll be a breeze! Last time I traveled I created an Packing List Template in Evernote for myself to make things easier to prepare before a trip. Now I use that as a master list and then just add and delete items based on the trip. I always think I have plenty of time and then next thing I know I’m leaving the next day and I haven’t even packed yet! That’s why this template comes in so handy.

Since we’re going to Hawaii with family that has never been before, we want to give them the ultimate first-timer’s experienc – a little bit of the touristy stuff and a taste of the local experience. That being said, I’m going to need a wardrobe with variety and versatility. Something semi-formal, a lot of bathing suits, something casual, and some activewear.

We’re only going to be there for 4 days, so I’m going to just be taking a carry on. That means I need to maximize the space in my luggage so I can fit everything I need (with maybe a little room for gifts to bring back home).

As far as wardrobe I don’t plan on buying anything. I think most of what I plan on wearing while I’m there I already have with the exception of maybe 1 new bathing suit and a cover up.

I’m also trying to keep my technology list to a minimum so I don’t work “too much” while I’m there. I plan on keeping my laptop home and just taking my iPad and iPhone with me.

Speaking of iPad – it’s my best friend when traveling! I download a bunch of shows, movies, books, and magazines on that thing and I’m good to go. I can use it while I’m on the plane to write blogs, do some hand lettering, and even bookkeeping. It’s so great to have something so versatile with me so that I have everything at my fingertips but isn’t super heavy.

As far as toiletries go sunscreen is a must but since I’m planning on just taking a carry on I’m going to buy a bottle from Costco when I get to Hawaii. I’m going to need a lot of sunscreen since we plan to be out and about as much as possible. Then double that because Charlie is going to need some too! Same goes with my shampoo, conditioner, etc. This is a tip I always give people traveling in groups or as couples. If you can buy some of your toiletries at your end destination to save space and weight in your luggage!

I also got a bunch of things that help make traveling easier since my last trip like packing cubes, bluetooth headphones, a mini backpack (Thanks Mom and Dad Ortega!), and a lightweight travel bag like this one.

So excited to show the family around the island!



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