Social Media Stats Spreadsheet

I had no idea I was a stats nerd!
When it comes to growth on social media and other online platforms it’s all about the stats. It’s a numbers game. After that it’s what you make of those stats and turn them into conversions. You can have followers all day long, but what difference will it make if those follows and likes don’t turn into conversions?
Forbes defines conversion rates as the percentage of prospective customers who take a specific action you want. 
Whether you want to have people come to your brick and mortar store, increase your online sales, check out your sale items, call someone to set an appointment, or read a blog post, these are all conversions from your marketing efforts turning into actual results.
For me, the best way for me to create conversions for my businesses is to first understand my marketing and how it’s working for me. This is why I’ve decided to create a stats spreadsheet that tracks some basics like followers, site visits, and views. These numbers tell a tale all in themselves lol! As time goes on and as I come to understand the nature of my ideal customer I can add stats to track to make sure my marketing efforts are reaching them and the channels are effective. 
The main reason for keeping my stats for me is to make sure that the social media and marketing efforts we’re investing time and money in are working. These numbers become extremely valuable when you start investing money into things like ads. If your basic marketing numbers like followers, comments, and likes don’t increase then how do you expect to convert? If over time you don’t see any growth in your following which leads to conversion numbers, then your investment in ads wasn’t really worth the money you spent.
If you’d like to start tracking your own stats you can download this Excel Spreadsheet I created here. The spreadsheet will have 30 weeks in it (a little over 6 months) but if you’d like to have it for a year (52 weeks) you just need to copy and paste as needed. Also remember, this spreadsheet is completely customizable. Feel free to change it to make it work for you!
Happy tracking!
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Social Media is the New Word of Mouth

Having a brick and mortar store, we have the privilege to be face to face with our customers on a regular basis. We get to learn more about them, what piqued their interest to come visit us, and how they heard about us. Majority of the time they’ll say, “I found you online, my friend posted about you.”

I think a lot of people really underestimate the power of social media. I’d say that half of the people I encounter don’t know how full wrap their head around the idea of social media, how to use it in a a realisttic way, and be authentic. And the other half has never known life without it so they do nothing but post, watch, and share 24/7. To most people, social media it’s a promoting tool. You’re either trying to promote a product or service or you’re showing off all the great highlights of your life. Either way, business or professional, you’re promoting something. But at its core, this isn’t what social media should be about. In my opinion social media should be a tool to communicate with others. I view it like phone calls or texting, just on a different scale. Instead of communicating with 1 or 2 people, you have this opportunity to communicate with the world at the same time!

Maybe it’s just me, but this is amazing!

Social media is a great place to share, ask questions, help people, and talk to each other. I find more and more people looking to the internet to get recommendations from friends and family.

If you own a business this is something to think about. If you talk and give freely instead of posting expecting a return I firmly believe this approach will get you the results you’re hoping for!


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Why I only Use Twitter and Instagram

If you watch my videos on YouTube or listen to my podcast you’ll know that even though I have multiple social media accounts the only 2 I really use are Instagram and Twitter. To be honest it’s more of a preference thing but it’s also about other factors.
A common misconception is that you have to be on every social media platform there is. Though that may be true to an extent I believe that what’s more important is to utilize what social media platforms you are on to its full potential. Sorta like a zone defense approach vs. a shotgun approach. Let me explain a little more in depth.
The point of my social media accounts is mostly for business and sharing my personal journey as an entrepreneur. My accounts have purpose driven goals behind them, it’s just just a personal account. I use social media differently from the average person. That being said, I wanted to be realistic with how I can achieve social media goals. One of those ways is consistency. I know that the main way to be consistent on social media is to actually enjoy using the platform. If you don’t open the app every day, scratch that – multiple times a day, then you probably won’t make much of a dent.
It’s crazy that the above statement is our reality, but it’s true. We see so much information flash before our eyes on a daily basis that it’s really hard to fully absorb any of it. Nowadays people are use to quick 1 minute/to-the-point type content. What that means for those trying to grow their social media platforms is you’ve got to be ready to post, post often, and add value every time you post. What do I mean by “add value?”The goal is sharing; which should be the goal of every social media account regardless if it’s business or personal. By posting, how are you going to enrich your followers lives? There is a difference between sharing and promoting. The more you share, the more you give, the more true to yourself, the more value you give to your followers. Trust me, it works.
Now to the big question, why only Twitter and Instagram?
I mainly use Instagram and Twitter for social media because I truly enjoy and use these 2 platforms. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a Facebook, LinkedIn, and SnapChat account. I just don’t really use them, which means I also don’t promote them. I do, however, claim my usernames/accounts on new platforms for sake of consistency. That way if I decide to use it in the future, I have no trouble getting the “JustKissa” username I have for most of my social media accounts. 
Also, I don’t use all my accounts the same way. I strategically chose these 2 platforms for a reason, mainly being that they’re very different.
As much as possible I try to create unique content for each platform. I’m not really big on the idea of copying the same content onto all platforms (but I do admittedly still do this on some platforms that I don’t use often. I need to make it a point to stop lol!) The good thing is Twitter and Instagram are very different at its most basic function. I mainly use Twitter to share random thoughts and written posts and I use Instagram for photo and video based posts. Even if I post the same topic on each platform I won’t just copy and paste. For example, if I post a video of some family photos I put up on Instagram Stories I won’t just copy and paste the caption onto Twitter. I’ll share the same topic on Twitter but with a different approach like a photo or write about the meaning of the family photos. Ya feel me?
No matter what social media platforms you use, maybe you use a few or maybe you use all of them, my one piece of advice is to be consistent. Make it part of your day, show people what you’re up to, and don’t be afraid to be authentically yourself. You don’t need to broadcast everything about your life, I don’t. I’m actually a very private person. But the idea of social media is exactly that – to socialize on media. Create conversations and share with your audience; maintain that line of communication. Keep it open so they feel like you’re there for them and they can relate to you.
So if you haven’t already, let’s talk! Let’s socialize! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter 🙂
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