1 Year Since My MTH2010 Experience

Side note: Please excuse the still, I look like an idiot lol!

It’s something I fight with every day. Wishing I was someone else, being envious of others’ possessions, feeling like others worked harder and I don’t work hard enough, and not to mention the ever-popular feeling of letting everyone down. I told myself 1 year ago that I would need to put all that behind me, and I should always show the best of myself and continuing to grow in all aspects of my life. But bottom line, I need to be me AND be

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happy with who that is.

As I approach

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the 1 year anniversary of my life-changing MTH experience I look back and see that the transformation is happening. I compare myself to the person I was and am so proud of my progress, change, and accomplishments. Thanks to my husband, family, friends, and the grace of God I am continuing to push myself so that I can live a life of happiness, success, and contentment.

Do I still doubt myself? Of course.
Am I still scared? Without a doubt.
Do I think I’ll fail? I know I will.
But none of those things will hold me back because I made the conscious decision to change for the better.

Today, I sit here and can say that I’ve made baby steps to be better and that’s okay with me. I don’t need to make leaps and bounds of progress to be happy. Today, I’m just thankful to the Lord for being alive and doing work that I love to do.

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