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You know that saying..”Getting your ducks in a row.” That’s me right now. Charlie and I have established our goals, personally and professionally and we’re ready to get ‘er done! (excuse the tacky slang)



I love being able to work on both Ninong’s and CO. When I first started at Ninong’s, CO had to take a temporary pause since I had so much to learn and a lot of adjustments had to be made. Now that I feel like I’ve settled in and I have a good team I’ve been able to get back into CO and things have really flourished since then.

Since the new year, I’ve really been thinking hard about CO and where I want to be. What products and services do I want to offer? What are we currently offering that I don’t feel passionate about anymore? And though these will be questions I will always have to ask, I’m starting to feel like I’m coming into my own. I have a plan in place, I’ve written it down, and I’m taking the baby steps to get closer and closer. It feels so good to be motivated and working toward something you want for yourself so badly.

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