Charlie’s Bro-cation to San Francisco

This past weekend, Charlie and his brothers went to San Francisco for what he likes to call a “brocation.” From what I heard, they had a fabulous time (“funtastic” in Charlie’s words)!

While they were off having fun in the sun and riding bikes on the Golden Gate Bridge I was here in LA working. BOO! Nonetheless, I had some great time to relax after work and even had a day to myself to run errands, enjoy a cup of coffee, and do some shopping. What’s a girl to complain about? Nothing, really. 🙂

I should put out there that Charlie and I are somewhat connected at the hip. We’re NEVER apart more than a day. There have only been 2 times that we’ve been apart longer than that in the 9 years we’ve been together: when I went to the Philippines for my grandparents’ wedding anniversary (we were apart for a week) and when I spent the night at City of Hope with Ray Ray while he was undergoing treatment. And though I missed him like cray cray while he was gone, it was great to have a couple days to myself. But thank The Lord he’s back! I couldn’t go another day without him. 🙂

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