#COfitnessjournal Accessories Part 1 – Stuff we Like

There’s a lot of moving parts to keep my mind sane lol! When it comes to my #COfitnessjournal I found some great accessories to make it work better for me. One thing I can’t live without is these awesome reusable tabs by Post-it. These reusable tabs come in a variety of sizes and colors and are available at most stores that sell office supplies. Snagged mine from Target. 🙂


I earmark my weekly goals page and my daily page so that I can find it quickly. The adhesive lasts for a long time even when I peel and re-stick onto other pages. CO tip: cut the adhesive part if you want to so it doesn’t take up as much real estate on your page.


Hope you find some good tools to use with your journals! Work smarter not harder, right? 🙂



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