Composition Folio Cases – UPDATE!

Before I start this post I just have to thank everyone that has supported CO from the beginning. Thank you for being a customer, a friend, and/or a family member. Your support for our products and services is exactly why we do what we do!

Since they day we put it in our Etsy store, our Composition Cases have been flying off the shelves. I  was so overwhelmed with the attention it got, I had no idea that people would be going this crazy over them! Since that day, I’ve been working hard to make sure that our cases are a superior product, good investment, as well as a protective case and fashion statement. I’ve been finding ways to improve our line and the current products we sell.

We are now carrying iPad cases for all iPad types, including the iPad Mini. And we are carrying them exclusively in 1 case type – our Folio Case. Why do you ask?


Our manufacturer for our iPad cases, M-Edge Accessories, has done so much to improve their product in the past year that we’ve begun working with them. They have truly raised the bar for themselves in quality, durability, and design.

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