Diet Update – Plateauing

Everyone that diets and exercises fears this – plateauing. And that’s exactly what has happened to me for the past 4 months. My workout schedule hasn’t changed, I’ve actually been

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mixing it up which usually helps with my results. The scale has been the same +/- 2 pounds. So, what has changed?

My diet. I’m not on one.

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I’m just very aware of what I’m eating but I’m not as religious about logging it into MFP. Am I disappointed in myself? Yes and no. Here’s why:

I’m only disappointed because if I had stayed very strict about logging in my foods I could have lost more on the scale. However, My clothes are still changing the way they sit on my body and I’m very happy with that. Do I eat the way I used to, not caring what I ingest? No. Do I eat the way I should? Low carbs and lean proteins? Nope. But am I okay with that? Right now, yes.

Normally I’d be so hard on myself for “falling off the wagon” and then I would binge diet “starting Monday.” But quite honestly, what good will that do? Every time I did that I didn’t lose any weight or any inches. All it did was make me feel fat and stressed which is obviously never a good combo.

So what’s a girl to do? What’s my plan you ask? Well, when I’m ready – and only when I’m ready – I’ll go back to being a bit more strict about my meal planning. But the main thing I want to stress is I’ll do it when I’m ready. And knowing me, that won’t be much longer from now. 🙂

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