Foodie Friday – The Good the Bad the Foodie

Happy Friday friends! Katie and I are working tirelessly today for 3 main reasons:

  1. I leave the the Philippines TOMORROW 😨
  2. Our Friendsmas pajama jam is TONIGHT
  3. We gots to start the new year off RIGHT!

Ya feel me?! 😝

So for today’s Foodie Friday post I don’t have a recipe per say. Mainly because I have nothing in my fridge because we’ve leaving the country tomorrow so I haven’t been buying groceries. But another reason is because I have something exciting to share with you, Charlie and I started a YouTube Channel!

It’s called The Good the Bad the Foodie and the concept behind it is we take a dish and show you how to make it 2 ways: a #fitlife “Good” version and a #cheatday “Bad” version. Then we weigh in on both dishes and share our thoughts on which we liked better. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in watching feel free to subscribe to our channel. We’ll be filming more videos when we get back from the Philippines. Right now we only have 2 recipes up: our good and bad risotto. So in the mean time, enjoy those recipes lol! Here’s a little behind the scenes on our of our shoots.

YouTube Channel Behind the Scenes
In the mean time, happy new year everyone! Talk to you on the other side! Cheers to 2017!


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