Hitting the Ground Running

Aloha friends!

I’ve been back in

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LA for over a week now, and so much has happened already. I must say, Hawaii transformed my life this time around. Not just because of how much I love it there, but more so about the timing that this trip happened. More about that in a little while.

This Hawaii trip was one of the most stressful yet most rewarding trip for me so far. My family had been going through some extremely tough stuff (more on that later too). My mom and dad had to make a sudden/last minute trip to the Philippines and they were leaving 2 days before me. My mom and I were working tirelessly before we left for our trips to make sure Ninong’s was ok while we were gone. The shop never had me, my mom, or my dad gone for this long. (They did exceptionally well while I was gone, by the way!)

But here we were, leaving for the airport before I knew it and I was getting myself excited for our trip. We arrived with open arms to our friends and family that were there. And we had one of the best trips of my life. We went hiking, went to the beach almost every day, swam in the pouring rain, sipped on delicious cocktails, ate good food…it was a trip to remember.




The best part of the trip? Being with our family and friends. They made this trip the best ever.







We got the chance to visit Ray at the Aulani Hotel in Ko’Olina. I love that place! So peaceful and calm.




We got to see beautiful views.





Breathtaking sunsets.




And ate amazing food!










I was so grateful to have some quality time with my hubby. He’s been my rock through all this crazy and I wouldn’t have been able to be this strong without him!




When it was time for us to go home, I was ready to be back. I missed my pups, missed my comfy bed, and was ready to go to work. Not only that but while I was there, Hawaii truly gave me an outlook on life that I had been trying to achieve for so long. And finally, I can truly say that I am truly where I feel God is where he wants me to be. The beauty of Hawaii helped me to remember that no matter how bad things are, especially bad things that you can’t control, there is always something to be grateful for. The hurt and pain that I feel will never be greater than the happiness I feel. And that’s all thanks to God’s grace. Being truly happy that I am alive is a huge blessing within itself. I’m grateful to have friends and family that care about me, a husband who loves me, and my health. That’s all I need.

So here I am, a week into going back to work and I’ve been a bullet train ever since. Am I still sad? Of course I am. Do I cry? Hell yeah I do. But when those emotions come instead of trying to push them away I embrace them. I take a moment to take it all in, and then remember that life is good, God is good, and He’ll never steer me in a direction that I can’t face. So thank you Hawaii for helping me to remember that. You couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

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