Homemade Acai Bowl Recipe

Good morning! Our local farmers market started a couple weeks ago so I’ve been stocking up on my local fruits and vegetables lately and love it. If you’re able go support your local farmer! The produce is usually organic, the cost is competitive, and your produce will last twice or 3 times as long as what you would buy in store.

My favorite fruit, strawberries, are in season here in California so I’ve been buying a basket every week. 😊 I’ve been trying different ways to prepare them – smoothies, au natural, and in acai bowls!

Here’s our easy and quick recipe for our acai bowls. I’ve noticed that most grocery stores now carry frozen acai. This makes making acai bowls at home so easy! I personally buy the Sambazon brand. I got mine from Sprouts. I like it because its unsweetened so I can control the sweetness. I use agave or honey to sweeten it, but I personally like agave because the honey solidifies when you put it into the cold acai.


1 pack of frozen acai (100 g pack)

4 oz juice or your choice of nut milk

1 cup fruit (I personally like strawberries, blueberries, and banana)

2 oz. granola

1 tbs agave or honey (1/2 for the acai and 1/2 for for the topping)

  1. Chop your fruit and put aside.
  2. Blend frozen acai and juice/milk and 1/2 tbs of agave.
  3. Place into a bowl, top with chopped fruit and granola.
  4. Drizzle remaining agave on top

Total prep time is 15 mins. Longest part is is chopping your fruit. Enjoy!

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