Inauguration Day 2017

The day is finally here, the president-elect will be officially sworn in today. And for some reason I felt compelled to talk about it on my blog. Writing about it terrifies me, but I just want to share with you a couple things that I want to remember in the days, months, and years to come.

  1. I will choose to educate myself on the facts. Reading, watching, and seeing people share clips of the news are all the farthest thing from fact most of the time. If I really want to know about the issues and the people running our government then I’m going to do my research.
  2. I will show grace and love to everyone, both those that I agree and disagree with. As a citizen I have the right to my political beliefs and so does everyone else. But no matter what, I will show grace and love to everyone – regardless if they deserve it or not. Why? Because I am a Christian woman with a standard of grace.
  3. I will not make excuses. We’ve heard about all the the news about the election and whatever happens will happen. But why make excuses? Why mull over what could have happened? What’s done is done, and if we want change we need to demand it maturely. There’s no use in using words with no action behind it.
  4. I will still show Donald Trump respect even though I do not respect him. Though I do not identify nor will I ever identify with Donald Trump (not as a business person and not as my president) I’m not going to waste my time calling him names on social media or trying to convince the Trump supporters out there to change their minds about him. They will not change my mind, so why should I expect them to change theirs? The only way that could happen is through God’s grace and the president’s effort to show us citizens that he has OUR interests in mind. Instead, I will accept the fact that is the President of the United States and do what I can as a citizen to help fight him on the issues that I don’t agree with.

If you are a citizen I hope you understand how important our role is in the shaping of our government. I know we may not be able to move mountains overnight, but remember we have the ability to maturely have our voices heard. Not our critical, harsh, and rude voices but our adult, educated, and clear voices. If you didn’t vote, I really feel like you can’t complain right? No excuses. But if you didn’t like the outcome I strongly recommend that you start getting involved now. Especially our generation. Our generation will be the most effected, don’t you want to have a say in your future? I know I do. Just something to think about.

Here’s to grace today, tomorrow, and everyday.


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