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Omg. Let me tell you. These last couple weeks – I think I was about to explode! I’ve been really tired and feeling really burnt out with work. But things are slowly starting to get better and even out.

It all started with this seating project with Ninong’s. This blasted seating project lol! Every year since I’ve started working at Ninong’s full time, we use New Year’s Day to make some major improvements on our store. This past January, we did a big makeover – painting our storefront. We wanted to do the seating project too but we knew it would have been way too much for us to do in just a couple days. We’ve been thinking about this seating project since the holidays last year and we finally had an opportunity to do it.

If you follow along on my personal Instagram then you’d know we spent over 12 hours putting it together, by the 10th hour I was exhausted and ready to go home. But we did it, I couldn’t believe it. It went from this mess…

To this (sorry for the noise in the background)…

It used Ikea benches that we primed and painted to match our current decor and new furniture that we bought a couple weeks prior. From there we bought some piping and extra wood that we cut, primed, and painted in the same color. We created some backings on the benches and drilled in the piping. Phew!

If there’s any advice that I could give if you want to attempt an Ikea hack like this it would be to make a prototype. Buy the supplies for 1 so that you can buy the right hardware, use the right tools, etc. Once we got the first one done it was a piece of cake! 🙂

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