NYC 2016

It’s been about 2 weeks since we got back from our first trip to NYC. It was such a great trip! Just very short. We were there for 3 days (4 technically) and we barely got to do anything. We just tried to fit in as much sights (and food) as possible. 😉


This was us before we realized our flight got moved to a different gate. No worries though, we didn’t miss it. Our flight was delayed by over an hour. By the time we arrived at JFK it was past 12:30 and we arrived at our hotel around 1 am EST. It was late, we were starving. We didn’t eat anything but rice crackers the entire day. So first stop – Halal Guys!

Halal Guys at 2 am

The next day we made our way over to the Javits to go see what the last day of set up looks like. Before heading out we stopped by a coffee shop a couple blocks from our hotel called Bibble and Sip in Midtown. It was such a refreshing sight to see a great place like this amongst all the chain cafes in the area.

Lattes and Espresso at Bibble and Sip

Because it was the weekend the 7 train wasn’t running so we decided to walk to the Javits. On our way we ran into a street fair in Hells Kitchen and had to stop to try the delicious food. We had some pork buns, sangria, and our personal favorite – Jamaican Oxtail stew with rice. *drool* The street fair went for countless blocks. So much to choose from!

9th Street Fair
Pork Bun and Sangria from Brickyard in Hell's Kitchen
Pork Bun and Sangria from Brickyard in Hell’s Kitchen

When we got to the Javits first thing we did was visit our good friends Robin and Alvin from Scotch & Cream. They needed a small errand run so after we walked up and down the aisles to get a glance at set up we headed out to Lowes. On the way, Charlie and I were discussing our plans for our own NSS booth and all the eye candy/inspiring booths we saw during Saturday’s set up day.

That evening we had some drinks with our friend David and headed out to eat more food! We had some Shake Shack (it was good 😛 but the Cali girl in me loves me my In n Out) and some noodle soup from Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles II in Hell’s Kitchen. The noodles were delicious!


Hand pulled noodles
Hand pulled noodles

The next day was dedicated to sight seeing. We saw the city the only way we would enjoy it – through food. We went on our classic food crawl and hit a bunch of great places! We started our journey at Bibble and Sip again. Got some coffee and a Milk Bun to share. Not pictured: Green Papaya Salad and Lychee Mimosas from Pig and Khao in the Lower East Side.

Mushroom truffle oil and Margherita Pizza from Table 87 in Brooklyn
Mushroom truffle oil and Margherita Pizza from Table 87 in Brooklyn
Momofuku Ramen
Momofuku Ramen in the East Village 
Strawberry Shortcake at Big Gay Ice Cream
Strawberry Shortcake at Big Gay Ice Cream in the East Village
Fried Pork and Chive Dumplings from Vanessa Dumpling
Fried Pork and Chive Dumplings from Vanessa Dumpling in China Town

And our personal favorite *drum roll please* –

Cold Skin Noodle from Xi'an Famous Foods
Cold Skin Noodle from Xi’an Famous Foods (they have various locations throughout NY)

Guys, I would go back to New York just for these noodles. They were unlike anything I’ve had. So delicious, simple, full of flavor.

We got to catch up with our friend and former Unique LA booth mate, Diana. She took us around Brooklyn and her favorite pizza place, Table 87 (pictured above).

Our last full day in NYC was Monday and we were heading back to NSS to walk the show now that everyone was set up. Everyone’s booths looked wonderful! It was night and day. We got a pic of some of our friends’ spectacular booths. I must say they were killin’ it!

Caroline Creates
Caroline Creates
Julie Ann Art
Julie Ann Art
Paula and Waffle
Paula and Waffle
Scotch and Cream
Scotch and Cream
Shifting Statos Kuo
Shifting Statos Kuo

Thank you to all our friends for making our first trip to New York so great! We can’t wait until next year!



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