August 2018 Goal Setting

Honestly, I’m sitting here on the day that I’m supposed to post this and have no idea what my goals for this month are. Let’s be real, I don’t always have it all together. Heck, I rarely have my life under control. I set goals and sometimes I accomplish them, sometimes I don’t. This month, I just have a block. And since we’re being honest, I just don’t feel it. I don’t feel like being productive. I don’t want to set productivity goals or do things every day that’ll work toward a bigger goal. I just don’t wanna (in a whining little girl voice) lol!

But I’m trying. I’m trying to get myself to set some goals for this month, even if it’s smaller goals. Soooo, here we go…

1. Prioritize a healthier lifestyle. This has been an ongoing goal of mine the last few months, and now my focus is going to be body and mind. I’ve never been one to focus on physical appearances so I’ve had to really find my “why” when it comes to being healthier. For one, it’s for a positive mind. When I eat right, exercise, and take time for myself I feel more relaxed and balanced.

2. Make faith my primary source of fulfillment. Working in a service-based business and in the day and age we’re living in, it’s really easy to fall into the destructive pattern of seeking other’s approval. I always have to remind myself that it’s not the approval of others I need to see, but the Lord’s. I know that if I seek Him and serve Him first, the rest is up to Him.

3. Read a book. I’m currently reading Soar by Bishop T.D. Jakes and I’m determined to finish it this month! At the very least I can read it on the plane when we travel to Washington DC at. The end of the month (surprise!).

4. Complete 1 backyard project. We’ve been using our back yard more often ever since we finished our 1st renovation project. Almost every Sunday, we have friends over, grill, eat, and just chill out there before we all have to begin the hectic week. It’s one of my favorite things about this summer! Charlie and I have a couple other projects we want to work on for the back yard that aren’t too costly – like patch up our fence, create better lighting, and build a fire pit.

5. Get ahead of blog posts. Just like that, guys, I’m backed up on blog posts. *Sigh* After the 30 Day Blogging Challenge I was so ahead of the game for the first time ever and I was determined to keep it going. Clearly, not determined enough lol! So this month, my goal is to get ahead again. At least get in the habit of a regular writing/posting schedule.

As far as theme for the month, I think my keyword is going to be contentment. This is something that I always have a hard time with. As an entrepreneur I’m always striving to be better, keep growing, and never stopping but this is really counterintuitive to the idea of being content. If contentment is being in a state of satisfaction then I feel like I’m always the opposite. I always have this feeling of not being good enough or wanting more. So this month, I’d like to make that the theme. Heck, maybe it’ll be my theme for the next few months because I don’t think I’m going to find contentment in less than 30 days!

Happy planning and goal setting, friends! Whether you’re super motivated or a little lazy like me at the moment, still seize this day and make it your own!


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July 2018 Goal Setting

Another month, another set of goals!
I did ok with my goal setting in June, accomplishing about half of my goals for the month. I know I know, half isn’t great. Obvi. But it’s better than I’ve been the 1st half of the year. I liked how I did a goals check in at the middle of the month, it helped me to realize the way my brain operates when trying to achieve something. But quite honestly, I haven’t really accomplished much after the June 15th check in. That’s something I definitely want to be better at.
I’m going to switch up how I structure my weeks and days. I want to shift my focus for the 2nd half of this year. The shift in my weekly and daily structure has been mainly to focus on self and self care. Considering my word for 2018 has been build I think I’ve created some traction in my work life but not so much in my personal life. As a self proclaimed work-a-holic self care is just almost non-existent for me. Sadly, even washing my face is sometimes a luxury. In July, a big part of what I want to focus on is small daily and weekly changes that I can make toward self care. With more personal fulfillment and confidence comes more capability for work. If we focus on solely on work and don’t focus on basic personal needs then there’s only so much we’ll be capable of.
That being said, here are my July goals:
  1. Continue to keep my plants alive! Gurl. I’m so freakin proud of myself. The 2 plants I bought are still alive! Thank the Lawd!! I even bought a rosemary plant that I’m trying to keep alive, so far so good. Stay tuned on Instagram, I’m going to try to share my plant adventures.
  2. Read 1 book. Right now, “Soar” by Bishop T.D. Jakes is my book of choice. If you have not heard of T.D. Jakes you must must must watch this Q&A with Steven Furtick about this book. Entrepreneurs, this one’s for us. I’m determined to finish this by the end of the month so I’ll give you my in depth review once I finish it.
  3. Exercise and make better food choices. I didn’t work out as much as I wanted to in June. Ok, lessbehonest here, I haven’t worked out as much as I wanted to all year. Work came first. Work is my excuse for why I haven’t had time. That changes this month.
  4. Make time for skincare, hydration, and vitamins. I’ve got my routine down, just need to not be lazy and work it into my day.
  5. Further my relationship with God. This is a big one for me. I’ve mentioned before that my faith is the anchor for my life. When I’m not centered and making time daily to grow my relationship with God I feel completely off in every aspect. Work, personal, mindset, everything.
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May Goal Setting

I honestly feel like April got away from me. It started off with a holiday, a Sunday away from work, and I think that shaking my routine up on the 1st of the month just threw me way off. I’ve definitely been looking forward to a new month, and I really plan to find balance this month. If you saw my May Plan with Me post then you know I mean business this month!

Before the whole move-the-restaurant-to-a-new-location craziness I had a wonderful amount of balance in my life. After working for years to create a workflow and an efficient system at our old location I was able to change my schedule from working 6 days a week at Ninong’s to 4 days a week. Because of this I was able to focus 2 days on my other businesses and have 1 day off. It was working really well – 40 hour work weeks, my house was clean, I had time for myself, it was great! Then the move was a reality. And life hasn’t been quite the same since.

This month “simple” is my key word. Keeping things simple  is such an important part of keeping productive. Letting go of unnecessary things in my life is going to be key here. If I let go of negativity and the unnecessary then I can make room for the important stuff like self care, time with family, and intentional/meaningful work. Honestly, I have to think it through a little more to make sure I take this plan into action this month but I know for sure a few things need to happen.

  1. Create and document a new work flow for Ninong’s.
  2. Train managers and employees on new systems.
  3. Block out my time each day and focus on 1 business during that block of time.
  4. Block out time at the end of every day to plan for the next.
  5. Do something that will bring me happiness once a day.

Another goal I want to continue is my 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I can’t believe it’s almost over. It’s challenging me to create a story from the every day and I’ve really enjoyed making it a part of my daily routine.

May will hopefully shape up to be an amazing month! How do you plan to crush it this month?


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