Oh Ray…


It’s been a long while since I’ve written to you (actually, it’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog at all). This year, your absence has hit me right where it hurts. Charlie, Carlo, and I had a long conversation about you last weekend. You just came up in conversation randomly. I told them about my dreams of you, we reminisced about memories of you, and we talked about how you changed our lives forever. I actually admitted that though I have many vivid memories of our times together that your face is beginning to fade in my mind. And it made me sad to think that was possible. Though I cling on to our laughs, cries, happiness, and sad moments as tightly as I can the image of your face isn’t as clear as it used to be. But your loving spirit is as clear as day.

Today, I see your face all over Facebook and Instagram and remember how handsome you are. How could I ever forget that face?! I remember how hard it was to get you to smile that signature smile of yours because you always wanted to make a funny face to the camera. Look at that smile! It lights up a room!


And I love how most of your friends and family picked those silly photos of you. The funny faces show your true character, the guy we love so much.




I reminds me that a lot of us aren’t as afraid of being so silly thanks to you. You accepted all of us and loved us for who we truly are. Even with faults and short comings, you loved us unconditionally. Thank you for that, especially when we needed it the most.

I love and miss you Ray. More than words can ever express. As life milestones pass us by I can’t help but wish you were here to see them happen. But I always forget that you are with us, you’re with all of us.

The only thing I can think of saying now is the last words I said to you, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”



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Happy Birthday Raymond

My dearest Ray,

Today is normally a great day! You and my mom both share the same birthday 🙂 You always plan your “birth month” celebrations while I celebrate with my mom today over dinner and pancit (for long life, of course). This year, my heart is split down the middle. I am so happy and grateful to be alive and I am blessed to have my mom in my life. But I miss you, I miss you oh so much. Sometimes I’m so excited that you come across my thoughts and reminisce about all the memories. But others I think about how much it hurts that you’re not around. How I can’t call you on my way to work, how we’re not biking on the trail together, how I don’t see you at the AMN meetings, how I’m not getting texts from you every day about work and weekend plans…

Today, you would have been 27 years old. My favorite number 🙂 Today, all your loved ones will celebrate your life and all the amazing things you brought into our world. Your smile, positive outlook, your selflessness…the list can go on and on. But most of all, we’ll celebrate the love you showed and unconditionally gave to all of us. Today is about you – and how you will continue to live your message in our hearts so that more and more of us can experience it. Love and live life – EVERY.DAMN.DAY.

I love you Ray

PS. Here’s a Mixtape DJ Mikerawk put together for you. Happy birthday, my love. From your Assemble Fam.

Traklife Radio Presents: The #RayRayAllDay Mixtape (Mixed By DJ MikeRawk) by Trakliferadio on Mixcloud

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Ray’s Hope Lives On – Triccie’s Custom iPhone 5 Cases

Ray was our very first customer for our iPhone cases. You can read more about his case design here. I never thought that we would be designing cases to remember him by. Sigh…it’s bittersweet to be honest. We miss him so much, but I really liked how these cases turned out for his cousin Triccie and his sister Bing.

They have new iPhone 5’s! Lucky ladies! I’m not due for an upgrade until January 😉 They were our first iPhone 5 case order and the cases for these devices look spectacular! Nice and slim with great protection.

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