Taking it One Day at a Time – Or One Photo at a Time

So, if you’ve read any of my recent posts you’ll know that one of my goals for this year was to take a photo every day and create a book of it at the end of the year. I thought it would just be a fun project for myself since I realized that last year I didn’t take nearly enough pictures (meaningful pictures that is). With Ray and my Lolo gone, it really made me wish I had more photos and videos of us together. SO, here I am! 🙂

I must say, it’s not easy to take a meaningful photo every day. Especially when your day consists of nothing really but work, eat, and sleep. But I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job! The past 2 weeks haven’t been too momentous (except for my Mom and Ray’s birthdays). But I was looking back at the photos today and they definitely still put a smile on my face.

One thing that I’ve realized only 2 weeks into this project is that these photos have done something amazing for me. It’s given me the gift of a different perspective. It makes me savor the small things and really enjoy it. From a nice bike ride on a sunny day, to spending a special day with family and friends, to a cardboard cut out made by my husband, it’s all fantastic. And I’m so thankful for that.

I put some of my photos on our instagram so follow us to see the photos. But here are some of my faves:

My first bike ride in 2013 along the Orange Line
Our babies, our 2 dogs Evie and Baxter. I think this photo shows them perfectly. Baxter has his sad eyes because Evie bugs him all.the.time. and Evie doesn’t want to sit still and wants to run and jump on me. lol!
My mom’s birthday
All of us that went to Disneyland for Ray’s birthday!
Charlie made me something to practice my aim with our Nerf guns!

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