Tips for the Holiday Shopper

Black Friday is over, which by the way was a complete nightmare for me. It was a battlefield out there from getting in and getting out. Talk about survival of the fittest! So now that there’s 23 days left to go holiday shopping, one has to strategically plan on how to get everyone l

eft on their checklist. Here are a few tips I’ve come up with to help me for this year’s shopping madness:

  1. BUDGET: Always have a budget whenever you go out to shop, and if it helps…only carry cash! Keep track of the money that goes in and out. Try as much as possible to not use any credit cards because all you dois keep swiping and swiping away (Yes, yes. I’m guilty of this too).
  2. DEALS: Be careful of “sales-lines” and deals such as “This is our last one in stock!” “Buy 2, get 1 half off” “Last one left in your size!” Be smart! Retailers will say anything to get you to buy. Only buy if it’s really worth it.
  3. 3. SPONTANEITY: This is something I really need to follow: NO SPONTANEOUS SHOPPING! This kind of shopping will ruin you! When it comes to spontaneous shopping, you’re probably buying for yourself, and you’re probably spending more than you should. RESIST. Plan your days and times of when and where you’re going to shop. No quickly swerving into the parking lot if you see a sign outside the store!
  4. RETURNS: As much as possible, try not to keep returning or exchanging things you bought. Being indecisive will make you spend more than needed. (Even if you’re returning, trust me. You’ll spend more once you get that money back). This also goes with keeping your stores to a minimum. No need to drive everywhere to different malls and outlets. Gasoline ain’t cheap!
  5. LIST: It’s super smart and helpful to keep a list of what and for whom you need to buy gifts for. And don’t make it a mental list! Actually write it down or put it into a memo on your phone, and either put yourself on thelist as last or not at all. Shop for others first! (:

Hope this was somewhat helpful for you holiday shoppers. No need to hurt that wallet. (;

Happy safe shopping everyone!

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