Trip to the Philippines – Manila

We had so much fun in the Philippines! This trip was to mainly spend time with family so we stayed in Manila for most of the time but there is so much to see there we didn’t mind. We made our way to LAX on New Year’s Eve 2016 and rang in the new year inside the Tom Bradley Terminal.
Waiting to board our plane to Korea
Waiting to board our plane to Korea

There was a lot of turbulence on the way to Seoul but Charlie and I were KO’d and too tired to really be worried about it. One thing we did always wake up for was FOOD! lol. We were really impressed with the food Asiana Airlines served. Our personal fave: Bibimbap!


We finally arrived at Incheon Airport and made our way to our connecting flight to Manila. Incheon Airport is really nice! But we didn’t have much time to explore, unfortunately.
View from our plane
View from our plane
When we arrived we were just excited to not be sitting down anymore! As much as we liked Asiana Airlines the seats made our butts numb lol! My dad and lola (grandma) picked us up from the airport and it was really smooth sailing with immigration and getting our luggages.
My dad is from Antipolo so we stayed there with my family. It was a home away from home, that’s for sure! Every morning we would wake up to a delicious breakfast, there’s nothing like home cooking in the Philippines! After breakfast we would head out to see the city and eat some more lol!
We spent a week in Manila, went to Palawan for a week, and then finished off our trip with another week in Manila. 
We went to different parts of Manila, we were so surprised at how many shopping centers there are! I knew the Philippines had some crazy malls but there are so many more now. Tons of places to shop, tons of good places to eat, tons of things to see. One of the things that was really pretty to see was the falls at Hinulugang Taktak. It was really close to my grandma’s house but have never been. It’s a really nice place to read, have a picnic, etc.


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Stay tuned for more pictures from our trip! I can’t believe I took over 500 pictures while we were there! There were so many things to see, not to mention EAT. 

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