Wine and Cheese Night

Happy Friday dear Internet friends! Let’s talk food 🙂

Charlie and I love cheese. Not just love – we’re talking love. Ok, maybe I love it more than he does.

Every once in a while, we decide to stay in and have a wine and cheese night. We’ll get a cheese we’ve never tried before (or sometimes an all time favorite) and get a a bottle of wine (usually a staff favorite from Trader Joe’s) and make a night of it!

It was my last chance to grab this cheese from TJ’s since it was their “February Special.”



This was my first time trying Neufchatel Cheese. The first thing that drew me to this cheese was the graphics on the packaging. Gotta love me some typography. Don’t tell me that packaging doesn’t make a difference!


This cute little heart shaped piece of deliciousness was so yummy and creamy. We paired it with a cheap-o sauvignon blanc that was great with its strong

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and sharp flavor.


Are you drooling yet? The cheese had an amazing creamy center. When you sliced the cheese it would squeeze together just enough for that creamy cheese to ooze out. OMG. We had the cheese with some home made garlic-parmesan butter and Charlie’s home made pretzels.

Can’t wait for the next wine and cheese night! *AHEM* Charlie! 😛

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