Work Life Lately

Working on my stationery business has been tough lately. I’ve been struggling to find a normal routine. I guess that’s the drawback or running a home based business. Last week was probably my first victory in setting time aside to get things done and I felt so accomplished!

  • Mother’s Day 2016 release – check!
  • Send out wholesale newsletter – check!
  • Plan out this week’s marketing plan – check!
  • Reach out to my Mastermind – check!
  • Craft show planning – check!
  • Plan out release calendar – check!
  • New product work – check!

We have so many exciting things coming up! *insert scheming slightly evil laugh here* I’ve been working on a new product that will hopefully be released at the beginning of May. Also, our #COfitnessjournals are getting some TLC. Using it for almost a year now has really given me a chance to look at it and see what more I can add to it as well as work on its format and packaging. That’s all I’ll say! 😉

I’m determined to keep this momentum going and create a concrete workflow. This week I’m focusing on getting my office cleaned up and organized. I’m too ashamed to even show you a picture! Yes, it’s that bad. I know that once I get my surroundings organized and more workable I’ll be more productive! Cheers to the week!



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