You’re the Life of the Party

My dearest Ray,

I’m an emotional wreck. It’s the day of your benefit and I’ve been crying on and off the past few weeks leading up to today. I feel you around me while I’m doing this work. I have constant dreams about you. But yesterday and today, I just can’t hold it in. The planning is done, the performers are booked, the tickets are selling, and all I have left to think about is you. You were always the life of our party. The last Ray of Hope Benefit had you in it. You were the head liner. And this time, we have to party without you. We all have to sum up the courage to do this event without you some how.

Tonight is going to be an amazing night, Love. All of us will be together once again, just like you always want us to be. For one night, life stops and we’re all going to enjoy our time with each other partying and reminiscing about you.

I love you, Ray. This one’s for you.

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