It’s Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. I usually wake you up at 11 because I always think you’d be awake by then. You’d figure that after the 100th time I’d know not to call until 1. You tell me that you’re going to get ready and “come to the house” before the show, but you actually don’t start for another 2 hours. Knowing this, I keep working and just wait for you to call and let me know you’re on your way. THEN I’ll start to get ready.

I love…
…how we talked about our dreams every single day.
…that you love everyone and we all love you right back.
…you give 100% in everything you do.
…how you believed in me, even when I have so much self-doubt.
…how I can trust you – we can trust you – with anything.
…how you bring people together.
…your fighting spirit.
…your aura – always positive, always strong.

My heart is broken, but remembering you and all the memories we’ve had together still brings a smile to my face. The most amazing part is seeing how many people you have influenced. You are the light in every dark room, the life of every party, the heart of our team, you are one in a million, Raymundo.  No, one in a billion…trillion…

You’re just one of a kind.

I love you, Ray Ray. Thank you for being such a huge part of my life. I am truly blessed to have known you. You’ve taught me so much about living life to its fullest and finding the good in every person and situation. God has gained a beautiful angel. Continue to watch over all of us just as you did while you were with us. You will be in my heart and mind for eternity. <3

Ray Ray All Day, I love you.

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