Setting Boundaries

As a business owner, I find it really hard to define boundaries. With working a day job, owning 2 businesses, and trying to make time for my husband, dogs, friends, and family (let alone myself) I find myself just trying to scramble and get things done when they’re absolutely necessary. But I hate doing that. The looming feeling of not having a task completed stresses me out. A lot of times I find that’s where the stress actually lies. I have a million things running through my head, I don’t write it down, it comes the time for it to be due, and I either get it down as quickly as possible or don’t do it in time. Well, that stops here.

This week I had a revelation for myself. I don’t know why it came to me sooner. I need to set boundaries – and no, not just set them in my head but write them down and take these boundaries seriously. I’ve taken the liberty of organizing my week of tasks so that I’m not running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Here’s an example of what my week looks like:
Mondays and Wednesdays are operations days for things like staff meetings, bookkeeping, scheduling, etc. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for production like printing, post-production, designing, shipping, etc. Fridays are for loose ends if need be – otherwise it’s Funday Friday! 🙂 My timeline is much more detailed based on the needs of my business, but you get the idea. Sticking to these parameters will also help me to have the structure that my mind needs to work productively.

Do you have a schedule that you use to stay productive?



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